Sherrod and Jackebed Pace WARREN Descendants

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SHERROD WARREN descendants
buried in Pirtle Baptist Cemetery, Rusk County
Photos of the stones are located on the Tombstone Photo page

ALEXANDER, Georgia Lee (Warren) (28 Nov 1916-9 April 1977) d/o William 'Arthur' Warren
ALEXANDER, James Weldon (13 Jan 1935-24 Dec 1968) son of Georgia Lee Warren
ALEXANDER, Harold (7 Mar 1914-6 Feb 1980) husband of Lela Catherine Warren, d/o Wm 'Arthur' Warren
JONES, Ninnie (Warren) (7 Aug 1904-26 April 1937) Twin daughter of John Stephen Warren, wife of Emmet P. JONES
WARREN, Catherine 'Kit' (24 Dec 1855-28 July1931) Wife of Uriah G.
WARREN, Cora Lee (14 Nov 1902-14 Apr 1999) Wife of Julius Stephen, John Stephen's son
WARREN, Effie E. (1877-1954) Wife of John Stephen
WARREN, Ernest Sherod (1893-1955) Son of Uriah G.
WARREN, Eula B. (27 April 1880-22 Dec 1955) Daughter of Uriah G. Never married.
WARREN, Nellie Florene (1925-18 March 1937) Daughter of William 'Arthur', died in New London School disaster
WARREN, George 'Luther' Luke' (19 Feb 1884-23 June 1948) Son of Uriah G.
WARREN, Hobson (29 Oct 1898-1 June 1920) Son of John Stephen. Struck by lightning while working.
WARREN, Homer R. (1919-1979) Son of William 'Arthur'
WARREN, John Stephen (17 July 1857-1942) Brother of Uriah G. 'Duncan' Warren, Son of Sherrod Warren
WARREN, Julius Stephen (25 Feb 1903-29 Nov 1987) Son of John Stephen and Effie E.
WARREN, Lela Winters (1900-1987) Wife of Ernest Sherod
WARREN, Linnie (7 Aug 1904-22 Nov 1904) Twin of Ninnie. Daughter of John Stephen and Effie E.
WARREN, Mamie L. (15 July 1896-27 Oct 1986) Mamie L. Brewer, wife of William 'Arthur' Warren
WARREN, Robert Jewell (11 Jan 1930-25 Feb 1963) Son of William 'Arthur' Warren
WARREN, Uriah G. 'Duncan' (28 Oct 1854-4 Feb 1930) Son of Sherrod and Jackebed (Pace) Warren
WARREN, Verna (1892-1959) Wife of Walter Lee
WARREN, Walter Lee (1886-1939) Son of Uriah G.


Family of Uriah G "Duncan" Warren
1929 Warren Reunion photo with name index - 104 KB
Uriah George ‘Duncan’ and wife Catherine ‘Kit’ (Thompson) Warren
Uriah G Warren Family (boys standing youngest to oldest) (L to R Roy (1895), Ernest Sherod (1893), William ‘Arthur’ (1888), Walter Lee (1886), George ‘Luther’ (1884), Lonnie Dee (1881), Lonie Serene (1891), Uriah George (1854), Catherine ‘Kit’ (1855), Eula Bee (1880)
Uriah G Warren Family (Photo ca 1898)
Bottom row (L to R) Lonie Serene, Ernest Sherod, Roy
Between parents: L to R William Arthur, Walter Lee
Behind father Uriah George: George Luther
Behind mother Catherine ‘Kit’: Eula Bee
Rear in black suit: Lonnie Dee
Lonie Serene WARREN (21 May 1891-4 June 1977,standing) married C.H. "Cullie" HEDGE
Home of Uriah George Warren Family, 1st Christmas in Home
Sons of Uriah George ‘Duncan’ Warren, L to R: Roy (1895) Ernest Sherod (1893), William 'Arthur' (1888), Walter Lee (1886), George 'Luther' (1884), Lonnie Dee (1881)
Lonnie and Willie Augusta Warren home: Uriah and his wife Catherine Warren, Willie Augusta Warren, Lonie Serene Warren, and children: Mary 'Maurine' Warren and Robert Luther Warren.
Roy Warren (b. 1895) and 1st wife Jessie Beatrice Poor (b. 1900) (Married 1919)
Children of Lonie Warren (1891) and Cullie Hedge
L to R: Lonie Serene Warren holding baby, Mollie M. (Cabiness) Alston, mother of Willie Augusta (Alston) Warren, Catherine ‘Kit’ (Thompson) Warren, Verna (Fuller) Warren, Jessie Beatrice (Poor) Warren, Eula Bee Warren
Betty May Hedge b. 1916, Ella Cathryn Warren b. 1912, Gertrude Hedge b. 1912
Jessie Beatrice (Poor) Warren (wife of Roy Warren) b. 1900, Eula Bee Warren b. 1880 (two oldest) surrounded by Hedge and Warren children
Uriah George ‘Duncan’ Warren b. 28 Oct 1854
Cullie Hedge and sons of Uriah G Warren
L to R: Uriah G Warren, Walter Warren, Roy Warren, Lonnie Warren, Luther Warren, Ernest Warren
Mary Maurine Warren b. 1908, Myrtle Hedge b. 1910, Ella Cathryn Warren b. 1912
Mollie F. (Cabiness) Alston mother of Willie Augusta Alston holding grandson George Langford Warren, Willie Augusta (Alston) Warren her daughter w/ black tie on dress, the other 3 children of Willie Augusta: Robert Luther Warren, Ella Cathryn Warren holding doll, Mary 'Maurine' Warren w/ bow in hair 2nd adult woman unidentified, on Porch of Cullie Hedge Home.
Cullie Hunter Hedge (husband of Lonie Serene Warren)
Home of Uriah G Warren (L to R) Lonie Serene, Eula Bee, Uriah George, Roy, Catherine ‘Kit’ In Background: William Arthur, Lonnie Dee, Ernest Sherrod and George ‘Luther’ (Photo circa 1907, 1908)
Nellie Florene Warren b. 1925 d. 18 Mar 1937, Died in New London School Disaster
Roy Warren
L to R: Verna Warren, Lonie (Warren) Hedge and Jessie B Warren(visiting from CA)
George Langford Warren b. 1914 and Very Large Warren Watermelon
L to R: Maurine, Lucille, Roy Warren
Warren Family Reunion 1950
Ladies in the Fog at Warren home. (on right) Willie Augusta (Alston) Warren, first wife of Lonnie Dee Warren. Children in photo are hers: George Langford Warren standing on other ladies lap, Ella Cathryn (blond), Robert Luther and Mary 'Maurine' Warren w/ bows in hair.
Lonie & Lonnie Warren (daughter and son of U. G.)
Martilla A Warren Houston, b. 3 July 1852 d. 6 Mar 1927, only daughter of Sherrod and Jackebed (Pace) Warren
Mossie Mae Houston Minter, b 6 Nov 1885 Henderson, Rusk Co TX daughter of Martilla A. Warren (b 3 July 1852) and her husband Cicero 'Irvin' Houston.
Lonnie Dee Warren, b. Nov 26, 1881, died Jan 25, 1967, Rusk Co. TX son of Uriah George 'Duncan' Warren and Catherine 'Kit' Thompson of Henderson. Lonnie married 1. Willie Alston (1888-1920) 2. Francis 'Fannie' Delena Williamson (1898-1964). (Photo taken 1910).
Home of Lonie Serene Warren and Cullie Hedge, Rusk Co.
Inez WARREN, Born 20 Feb 1910, died 5 Feb 1988 Henderson, Rusk Co TX, daughter of John Stephen Warren and Effie Eliza Gossett. Inez married Wylie S. York (1887-1969) and worked at Warren's (Photography) Studio and Ray Pharmacy.
Mary "Maurine" WARREN, Born 1908, Rusk Co.
Charles Quintin Herndon, Sr. b. 8 July 1883, son of James Wesley Herndon and Lucy Ann Balkom. Charlie was a Baptist Minister for 59 years. He married 1st 1902 Mattie Pearl Glidewell, married 2nd Esther Warren.
Cousins (L) Harold Stephen Herndon, (F) Al Fonzo 'Leo' Warren.
Rennie Warren b. Apr 1907, her husband Charles R Ash b 1905 Rennie was the daughter of John Stephen Warren and Effie Eliza Gossett.
Inez Warren b. 1910, daughter of John Stephen Warren and Effie Eliza Gossett Warren.
(l to r) Naomi Herndon, her mother Esther (Warren) Herndon b 1897, John Stephen Warren b 1857 3 generations.
Esther Warren b. 1897 (on right) and friend.
Esther Warren b. 1897 daughter of John Stephen Warren and Effie Eliza (Gossett) Warren Married Charles Quinton Herndon 8 Nov 1920.
1907 photo of Willie Alston (1888-1920), first wife of Lonnie Dee Warren of Henderson.
4 Generation Photo: Effie Eliza Gossett Warren b. 29 June 1877, her son Julius Stephen Warren b. 1903, his daughter Virginia Dare Warren Smith and her baby Stephen Wade Smith b. 1949.
Richard Hobson Warren born 28 Oct 1898, son of John Stephen Warren and Effie Eliza Gossett. Killed by lightning while working outdoors 1 June 1920.
Julius Stephen Warren born 23 Feb 1902 to John Stephen Warren and Effie Eliza (Gossett) Warren. Julius Stephen Warren married Cora Lee Woodham on 21 June 1924.
Ninnie Warren b. 1904, Rennie Warren b. 1907, Mary Hortense Cooper b. 1905, Cora Lee Woodham b. 1902, Julius Stephen Warren b. 1903 (Photo Caney Creek, 1923).
Alfonza 'Fonza' Warren born 22 Jan 1902 d. July 1995, son of John Stephen Warren and Effie Eliza (Gossett) Warren. 'Fonza' married 1925 Mary Hortense Cooper, the daughter of Lemuel 'Lem' Stephens Cooper.
Roy Warren (Sr) b. 1895 (son of Uriah Warren), first wife Jessie Poor b. 8 Apr 1900 and her twin sister Bessie Poor and daughter Viola Vivian Stewart, son Roy Warren Jr b. 1920, daughter Virginia Elizabeth Warren b. 1923 and Jessie and Bessie Poor's mother, Elizabeth (Hessel) Poor.
Roy Warren b. 24 Jan 1895 Henderson d. 27 Feb 1949 youngest son of Uriah George 'Duncan' Warren and Catherine 'Kit' Thompson.
John Stephen Warren b. 1857 (son of Sherrod Warren and Jackebed Pace) and family, farmed in Henderson, Rusk Co.
Wife: Effie Eliza Gossett Warren b. 1877
Children: Etha Warren (Mrs. Coy E. Dorsey), Julius Stephen Warren, Esther Warren (Mrs. C.Q. Herndon), Hobson Warren, Alfonzo 'Fonzie' Warren, Rennie Warren (Mrs. Charles Ash), Ninnie Warren (Mrs. Emmett P Jones), Inez Warren (Mrs. Wylie York)
Children of Lonnie Dee Warren b 1881 and Willie Alston b 1888
Mary 'Maurine' b. 28 Mar 1908 (bow),
Robert Luther Warren b. 2 July 1910,
Cathryn Warren b. 9 Oct 1912,
George 'Langford' Warren (baby seated) b. 3 Mar 1914
Robert L Warren born 2 July 1910 Henderson
    Formerly of Warren Studio, first leased a photographic studio from his uncle in Henderson, his home town. He learned his profession from his father Lonnie Dee Warren, a photographer who started his career in 1900. While Robert was still in high school, he spent his summer vacations working on ships which carried freight to and from Europe many times. After Robert and his late wife Lucile purchased the Lippe Studio in Del Rio in 1941, he enlisted in the Air Force in 1942 and served at Laughlin Air Force Base during World War II.
Home of John Stephen Warren and Effie Eliza (Gossett) Warren
Virginia Dare Warren, age 1 (Photo 1928)
Cora Lee Woodham, (photo 1924 prior to marriage to Julius Stephen Warren)
Roy Warren (b. 1895) and 2nd wife Inez
Virginia Elizabeth Warren, daughter of Roy Warren and 1st wife Jessie Beatrice Poor
Roy Warren (Sr) (1895) and Roy Warren, Jr. (1920) both joined the U.S. Navy and served WWII. Roy Warren (Sr) enlisted and retired twice
Photo Cora Lee Woodham b. 1902, age 5
John Stephen Warren born July 17 1857 as very young man
(L to R) 1947 photo 'Fannie' Warren (2nd wife of Lonnie Warren), Inez Warren, 'Fannie and Lonnie Warren's daughter Delena Warren, Thelma Whitfield (who later married Maurine Warren Nelson's son Billy), and on mule Pamela Warren, daughter of Roy Warren and 2nd wife Inez.
Delena Warren b. 1925 (age 2 in photo) and her younger brother Hermon D Warren b. 1927. Two older girls are unrelated neighbors children. Delena and Hermon Warren were children of Lonnie Dee Warren and his 2nd wife 'Fannie' (Williamson) Warren.
Lavisie 'Vicie' Warren born 20 May 1883, her husband Wylie Lee Boyd born 15 Sept 1884 standing with John Stephen Warren in white hat. Lavisie Warren was the daughter of Sherrod 'Bullis' Warren, Uriah and John Stephen Warren's brother from GA. 'Vicie and Lee' moved from Carrollton Co GA to Rusk Co TX.
Lonnie Dee Warren, his 2nd wife 'Fannie' (Williamson) Warren and all six children of Lonnie (4 from 1st marriage, 2 from 2nd marriage) L to F Robert L Warren, Lonnie 'Delena' Warren, George Langford Warren, 'Fannie (Williamson) Warren 2nd wife of Lonnie, Mary 'Maurine' Warren, Catherine Warren, Hermon D Warren.
Hubert Olin Minter b. 6 July 1919 d. 2 Nov 1998 Son of Mossie Mae Houston b 1885 Henderson and Arvie Cheaverson Minter Grandson of Martilla A. Warren b. 1852.
Hubert Olin Minter b 6 July 1919, his wife Florence Oman (Grimes) b 31 May 1916, toddler is Carolyn Minter and in arms son Robert Lee Minter. Hubert Minter is son of Mossie Mae Houston born in Henderson and grandson of Martilla A. Warren Houston.
Warren Family 1945, with index
Lonnie Dee Warren b. 26 Nov 1881 d. 25 Jan 1967 and his 5th child Lonnie 'Delena' Warren (photo 1926).
Children of Lonnie D Warren and 2nd wife 'Fannie': Lonnie 'Delena' Warren and her brother Hermon D Warren (Delenas dress made from her mothers wedding dress).
Lonnie Dee Warren in 1906 b. 26 Nov 1881
before 1910, Lonnie was an early photographer in Henderson
Mossie Mae Houston b. 6 Nov 1885 Henderson and two of her sons: (left) Hubert Olin Minter b. 6 July 1919 and Daniel 'Houston' Minter b. 9 May 1916.
Roy Warren b. 24 Jan 1895 Henderson d. 27 Feb 1949 Roy loved automobiles and every minute he could took trips in the backcountry with his family.
This photo circa 1922 shows Roy Warren and his wife Jessie (Poor) Warren by steering wheel, her twin sister Bessie (Poor) Stewart by back, his son Roy Warren Jr and Bessie's daughter Viola Vivian Stewart. Photo taken by mother in law Elizabeth Hessel Poor who always went with them on the roadtrips.
Martilla A. Warren's grandsons. The sons of her daughter Mossie Mae HoustoL to R Daniel Houston b. 1916, Hubert Olin b. 1919, Abner Irving b. 1908, Melvin Lee b. 1913, Fred Richard b. 1905, Hollis 'Arvie' b. 1910, Floyd Everet
b. 1903.
Mary 'Maurine' Warren b. 28 Mar 1908
Mary 'Maurine' Warren b. 1908 and her sister Ella Cathryn Warren b. 9 Oct 1912.
Melvin Lee Minter b. 15 July 1913, grandson of Martilla A. Warren, son of Mossie Mae Houston.
Melvin Lee Minter b. 15 July 1913 (grandson of Martilla A. Warren) and his whole family wife Thelma Lee Griffith children Peggy, Elizabeth, Lynda, Billie, Melvin Jr. and Loring.
Willie Augusta Alston b. 1888 d. 2 June 1920, daughter of Mollie (Cabiness) Alston. Wife of Lonnie Dee Warren. They had four children together before she died of tuberculosis: Mary Maurine Warren, Robert Luther Warren, Ella Cathryn Warren and George Langford Warren.
Roy Warren (Sr) son of Uriah George Warren, and his 2nd wife Inez.
L to R: Virginia Elizabeth Warren daughter of Roy Warren and 1st wife Jessie (Poor) Warren, Bessie Warren (twin to Jessie), and Jessie Beatrice Warren b. 1900 wife of Roy Warren.
Roy Warren Sr. b. 3 July 1895 (son of Uriah G Warren) joined US Navy and served both in WWI and WWII.
Roy Warren Sr. b. July 1895 Henderson (son of Uriah G Warren) and 1st wife Jessie (Poor) Warren b. 1900.
Roy Warren Sr. b. 24 Jan 1895 (Son of Uriah G Warren) on left side He served first in WWI then reenlisted for WWII and joined his son Roy Warren Jr in WWII.
Roy Warren Sr. b. Jan 1895 (youngest son of Uriah G Warren)and his son Roy Warren, Jr. b. 1920 both served WWII US Navy. While in Pacific Theatre the younger flew from Tarawa to meet his dad on Apamama Island in the Gilbert Islands.
Roy Warren Sr. b. Jan 1895 (Son of Uriah G Warren) aboard U.S.S. Oregon (tall man smiling).
Roy Warren Sr. b Jan 1895 (Son of Uriah) WWI Seated 2nd in from right.
Roy Warren Sr. b. 1895 (Son of Uriah) shoveling coal into USS Oregon during the War.
Warren Family Reunion - 1953.
Catherine 'Kit' (Thompson) Warren b. Dec 24, 1855 on porch of the Cullie H. Hedge (Sr) and Lonie (Warren) Hedge home in Oak Hill, with her granddaughter Kathryn Beall Hedge.
Francis 'Fannie' Delena Williamson born 30 Jan 1898 in Stewart, Rusk Co d. 24 Nov 1991 2nd wife of Lonnie Dee Warren, daughter of William Charlie Williamson b. 7 Nov 1867 GA and his wife Francis Cincinnati 'Nettie' Graham.
(L to r) Mary 'Maurine' (Warren) Nelson b. 1908, George 'Langford' Warren b. 1914, Ella 'Cathryn' (Warren) Boyd b. 1912, their father Lonnie Dee Warren b. 26 Nov 1881 and Lonnie 'Delena' (Warren) Haynes b. 1925 (Photo from 1940's). All children of Lonnie Dee Warren.
Family of George 'Langford' Warren and his wife Mildred (Thruston) Warren, their twins Jack and Judy Warren.
Lonie Serene (Warren) Hedge b. 1891, her stepson Cullie Hunter Hedge Jr. b. 1931, daughter Kathryn Beall Hedge b. 1923.
Alfred Warren Nelson b. 1927, Lonnie 'Delena' Warren b. 1925, Ameryllus Nelson b. 1928, Hermon D. Warren b. 1927.
Twins Jack and Judy Warren, children of George 'Langford' Warren and Mildred (Thruston) Warren.
Robert Luther Warren born July 1910 'aboard ship' with his dutch shoes. Photo caption: 'washday' 1926.
Virginia Elizabeth Warren and her brother Roy Warren, Jr. Children of Roy Warren Sr and Jessie Beatrice (Poor) Warren.
Roy Warren, Sr (son of Uriah George 'Duncan' Warren) and (left) his daughter Virginia Elizabeth and (right) her cousin Viola Vivian Stewart.
Jessie (Poor) Warren, wife of Roy Warren Sr and her twin sister Bessie Velma (Poor) Stewart born 1900.
Roy Warren, Sr at home with his children Roy Jr, Virginia Elizabeth, and their cousin Viola Vivian Stewart.
Roy Warren Jr and sister Virginia Elizabeth Warren in car his dad Roy Warren (son of Uriah) made for him.
Roy Warren Sr falls in love with Jessie Beatrice Poor.
Martilla A. Warren, born 3 July 1852. Sister of Uriah George 'Duncan' Warren, John Stephen Warren, and Sherrod 'Bullis Warren. Married Cicero Irvin Houston. She was the daughter of Sherrod Warren b. 1823 and his wife Jackebed Pace Warren.
Berchie Houston born June 1897. Daughter of Martilla A. Warren and Cicero Irvin Houston. Married Oscar Raymond Williams in 1917.
Mary Houston born Jan 1894 and husband Earl Gary. Mary was daughter of Martilla A. Warren and
Cicero Irvin Houston.
Cousins Onnie Warren (L) and Odie Rene Houston born 10 Jan 1891 (R). Odie Rene Houston was daughter of Martilla A. Warren and Cicero Irvin Houston. Odie married James Hardy Pike.
William Henry Houston born 16 April 1895 Henderson. He was the son of John S. Houston born May 1876 and his wife Martha Ann 'Mattie' Williamson b. 20 Nov 1871. William Henry Houston married Jessie Ida Cornelison in 1916.
Emma F. Houston born 1 Oct 1880. Daughter of Martilla A. Warren and Cicero Irvin Houston. Emma married William M. Anderson bca. 1878 on 18 Sept 1901. (pictured)
John S. Houston born May 1876 (L) and his brother Samuel Newton Houston born 23 Feb 1871 (R). Both are sons of Martilla A. Warren and her husband Cicero Irvin Houston.
Jacobs 2 room school house with an index.