Warren Family Photo - 1953

Back of photo read: Robert L. Warren Studio, Del Rio, 500 South Main, Del Rio, TX
Photo taken Summer 1953 at Lake Forest Park in Henderson by Robert Luther Warren, grandson of Uriah George Warren
The occasion for this family gathering was for kin from the Dallas area to visit with their Rusk county relatives [see bottom for numbered photo]
1. Julius Stephen Warren b. 23 Feb 1904 s/o John Stephen Warren
2. Cora Lee Woodham b. 14 Nov 1902 w/o Julius Stephen Warren
3. Lonnie Dee Warren b. 26 Nov 1881 s/o Uriah George ‘Duncan’ Warren
4. Ernest Sherod Warren b. 6 Jan 1893 s/o Uriah George ‘Duncan’ Warren
5. Lela Winters b. 31 July 1900 w/o Ernest Sherod Warren
6. Effie Eliza Gossett b. 29 June 1877 w/o John Stephen Warren
7. Lonie Serene Warren b. 21 May 1891 d/o Uriah George Warren w/o Cullie Hedge
8. Eula Bee Warren b. 27 Apr 1880 d/o Uriah George ‘Duncan’ Warren
9. Inez Warren b. 20 Feb 1910 d/o John Stephen Warren, w/o Wylie S. York
10. Wylie S. York b. 8 June 1887 h/o Inez Warren (behind Inez in photo)
11. Lucile Malone, wife of Robert Luther Warren
12. George Langford ‘Lanky’ Warren b. 3 Mar 1914 s/o Lonnie Dee Warren & Willie Augusta
13. Alfred Theodore ‘Ted’ Nelson b. 5 Aug 1905 h/o Mary ‘Maurine’ Warren
14. Mary ‘Maurine’ Warren b. 28 Mar 1908 d/o Lonnie Dee Warren & Willie Augusta Alston
15. Mildred ‘Virginia’ Thruston w/o George Langford ‘Lanky’ Warren
16. Judy Warren d/o George Langford ‘Lanky’ Warren
17. Fanny Ameryllus ‘Amy’ Nelson d/o Mary ‘Maurine’ Warren
18. William Ted Murphy, s/o Fanny Ameryllus ‘Amy’ Nelson
19. Jack Warren s/o George Langford Warren
20. William J. Boyd Jr. s/o Ella Cathryn Warren
21. James ‘Jimmy’ Boyd s/o Ella Cathryn Warren
22. William J. Boyd, Sr. h/o Ella Cathryn Warren
23. Studebaker owned by George Langford ‘Lanky’ Warren
24. Elva ‘Ernestine’ Warren d/o Ernest Sherod Warren
25. Ella ‘Cathryn’ Warren b. 9 Oct 1912 w/o William J. ‘Bill’ Boyd Sr.
26. Virgil Rudolph Murphy h/o Fanny Ameryllus ‘Amy’ Nelson
27. (Not Delena Warren, she was in Germany)
28. Robert Norman ‘Bobby’ Nelson s/o Mary ‘Maurine’ Warren
29. Roger Hale, h/o Gertrude Hedge (Gertrude is d/o Lonie Warren’s husband Cullie Hedge from his first marriage
30. Francis Delena ‘Fannie’ Williamson 2nd wife of Lonnie Dee Warren
31. Myrtle P. Hedge, d/o Cullie Hedge and first wife (Lonie Warren’s husband Cullie Hedge) w/o Roger Hale
32. David Lynn Murphy, s/o Ameryllus ‘Amy’ Nelson
33. Cullie Hunter Hedge Jr, s/o Lonie Serene Warren
34. Unidentified
35. Unidentified
36. Unidentified
37. Unidentified
38. Unidentified
39. Unidentified
40. Unidentified
41. Unidentified
42. Unidentified
43. Unidentified
44. Unidentified
45. Unidentified
46. Unidentified
47. Unidentified
48. Unidentified
49. Unidentified
50. Verna (Fuller) Warren b.1892 w/o Walter Lee Warren
51. Ann (Wyatt) Hedge, w/o Cullie H. Hedge, Jr.
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