New London, Texas

The London postoffice was established in 1855 about 15 miles northwest of Henderson on FM 42 but, in 1931, the name was changed to New London because there was a London postoffice in Kimble County. With the boom brought on by the discovery of oil, the citizens could not afford postoffice mix-ups. In the midst of the boom, the New London area expanded until World War II. Its orginal settlers were farmers with a few businessmen but these were replaced by oilfield workers. When the oilfield was almost abandoned, the population rapidly dwindled to less than 1000 citizens and remains there today.

New London School Photos
Tina Gregg sent these two photos which include her husband, Lester.
The first picture looks to have been taken before the second. Lester is the 3rd seated child. The teacher is Mrs. Mildred Evans.
The second photo is a Third Grade class of 1940-41 with Mrs. Julia Craig. Lester is in the middle, in the back. The boy to Lester's right is Phil "Scooter" Phillips. [Thanks to Joy Turner for the teachers' names.]
We also have
1945 New London High
1950 New London School

New London School Explosion
On the morning of March 18, 1937, an explosion rocked the small town of New London in Rusk Co, Texas. Very quickly word spread that the school had been destroyed and most of the children and teachers had been lost. Almost three hundred people lost their lives that morning. These are links to web sites that have information on this disaster.
The New London Museum
New London Explosion
The London Cenotaph was erected in memory of all who lost their lives and the
London Museum preserves the memory of the lives of the people following that explosion.

Cemeteries located nearby
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Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Rocky Mount Cemetery
Sieber Cemetery
White Cemetery