1945 New London School

These names and pictures were taken from the 1945 high school annual. Each picture is about 40kb.

The principal was photo Mr. F F Waggoner.

Other members of the faculty were
photo Harold Craver photo Grace McDavid photo Jimmy Rousseau photo Roy James Watson
photo C F Evans photo Agnes Ann McKinley photo Mary Ellen Terry photo Delia Westbrook
photo Mrs Martha Evans photo S O Randles photo Beth Turner photo J E Willis
photo Martha Kirkpatrick photo Ethel Rettig photo Mozelle Turney photo Otis Wylie

Seniors of '45!
photo Bonnie Alexander photo Elsol Hymer photo Frances Rutherford
photo Ruby Alexander photo Ima Jones photo Jean Sadler
photo Bert Andries photo Mary Jones photo Jean Salyer
photo Cleo Bean photo Oliver Killingsworth photo Betty Sarver
photo Ramona Bean photo Joan Knox photo Margie Sarver
photo Betty Bolden photo Patsy Law photo Clyde Scott
photo James Bonner photo Peggy Law photo Jessie Shaw
photo Frances Bryan photo J E Lawrence photo Elbert Shoemate
photo Estelle Bullard photo Grace Lefors photo Julia Snodgrass
photo Ollie Bullock photo Rogers Lehew photo Jacqueline Soles
photo Billy Cato photo Wallace Lindsey photo Jeanette Stone
photo Mildred Cooper photo Jerry Loveall photo Buck Stubblefield
photo Loyce Cudd photo Blanton McDonald photo Bobbie Thiebaud
photo Inez Dent photo Barbara Miller photo Joe Thompson
photo Opal Duke photo Joe Moore photo LaNell Thompson
photo James Dunn photo Norma Moun photo Imogene Thrash
photo Oneita Farrand photo Mary Myers photo Marylin Tomlin
photo Frances Gaut photo Vernon Neely photo Veta Tubbs
photo Margie Gramling photo Frances O'Neal photo Leroy Veness
photo Shirley Haas photo Freida Overall photo Juanita Waldron
photo Billy Hardin photo Marcie Parker photo Jeannie Wall
photo Wanda Hardin photo Dolores Pevehouse photo Opal Ward
photo Alfred Hardy photo C A Powell photo Marie Warren
photo Louise Hare photo Billy Reagan photo Ruby West
photo Mary Haverbeke photo Florene Reneau photo Herbert Whisman
photo Vera Hendrix photo Donabel Richards photo Rheba Whitener
photo J C Hobson photo Charles Richardson photo Charles Williams
photo Kenneth Honeycutt photo Joe Roberts photo Charles Woodruff
photo Lola Howell photo Patsy Roberts photo Billie Wright
  photo Wayne Rogers  

photo Choral Club
(NOTE - this picture file is about 94kb and severely damaged)
Back Row - Jeanie Wall, Grace Lefors, Rheba Whitener, Jeanette Stone, Frances O'Neal, Barbara Miller, Juanita Waldron, Julia Snodgrass, Vera Hendrix
Second Row - Norma Mount, Joan Knox, Oneita Farrand, Patsy Roberts, Jacqueline Soles, Bobbie Thiebaud, Louise Hare, Wanda Hardin, Marylin Tomlin, La Nell Thompson
First Row - Shirley Haas, Margie Sarver, Dolores Pevehouse, Betty Sarver, Ollie Bullock, Lola Howell, Ruby West, Betty Bolden, Frances Bryan, Marcie Parker, Patsy Law, Peggy Law, Mr. Craver