Don Morris of Bethel, who attends A. & M., spent the week-end at home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Al Morris.

   Mrs. Chas. Pruitt spent a few days in Dallas last week.

   Mr. Morris of Bethel went to Dallas last weekend.

   An amateur program was given April 24 at the Laneville High School auditorium. A large crowd was present, including members of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. Several dances and other numbers were presented by the Henderson group. Other local talents were presented and cakes were sold. The money was used for the benefit of the gymnasium.

   Miss Beth Guy was home ovver the week-end and had as her guest, Miss Lucille Orr of S. F. A.

   Mr. Billy Joe Dodds spent the weekend at home.

   Master Pete Blair of Palestine spent the past week-end with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Blair.

   Mr. and Mrs. Archie Buckner and children visited in Laneville, Sunday afternoon.

   A few people of Laneville attended District Conference at Marshall last week.

   Miss Billie Jean Austin of Garrison is spending a few days with her aunt, Mrs. Teller Blanton.



   Folks, I am here to greet you the last time this year.  Although I'm wishing you a happy vacation, I'm warning -- BEWARE!  I may remember some of these summer escapades, and -- well, they would come in handy next year.
   If you want to know about Mrs. Lowe's recital at Glenfawn, ask Louise Riddle.  She said she could hear pretty well from the outside.
   Isn't it funny that certain high school girls would try to eat an apple belonging to a little third grader?
   Frances Buckner says her ideal man has dark eyes and hair, and, at this certain time, has a large bandage on his jaw.  Recognize him?
   We have all been wondering why Mary has been so blue and then all of a sudden so very happy.
   We are very sorry Mr. Lock had to eat a roll after Mary Jim dropped it on the floor at the Junior-Senior banquet.  Mary Jim, you should have brought him another roll.
   We wonder why Frances Irwin was so worried the night of Mrs. Lowe's recital.  Did they both get there at the same time, Frances?
   They tell me that Jean likes the initial "J".
   A. J. likes ice cream, in case you want to know.
   Boys, do you still want to play even near the "gym".


   Miss Rettig: "Give me a sentence with detest and deduce in it."
   Harold Wood: "I flunked in detest and dad gave me deduce."


   The occasion?  The Junior-Senior Banquet.  The place?  The Lanville High School.  The time?  April 17, 1936.
   At eight-thirty o'clock the Juniors escorted the seniors to the banquet table.  Red, white, and blue crepe paper with daintily fluted edges centered the "U"-shaped table.  Blue bonnets in bouquets and as favors, star-shaped centennial place-cards, and center-pieces of red, white and blue flowers decorated the tables at which forty-five gay, hilarious "banqueters" sat.
   After "Texas, Our Texas" had been sung and the invocation given by Mr. Singletary, the plates were served by none other than our "Sophia" and "Fish."  A. J. Pruitt, Mary Jim Gallaway, Sam Johnson, Frances Whitley, and Selwin Jones, dressed as cow-boys and cow-girls, were all expert at passing the rolls and eating ice cream.
   Mr. Lock, as toastmaster, introduced each of the following toasts.  Gussie Mae Ham gave the toast to the Seniors and Margie Bell Poston, in behalf of the Seniors, responded beautifully.  A toast to Texas was given by Johnson Walker.  Mary Waltman read the Senior will to the Juniors.  Jean Waltman read the class prophecy.
   The climax of the evening came when Mr. F. L. Singletary, beloved ex-superintendent of Laneville High School, gave his inspiring address.
   The closing song was "Eyes of Texas."  It was sung the last time changing "Texas" to "Laneville," reminding the Seniors that we shall all be watching them in the future.



   At present there are sixteen Seniors in line for graduation.  They are Rayford Allen, Leroy Beddingfield, Agnes Bradbury, Elizabeth Bradbury, Joe Frank Bryan, Frances Buckner, Elsibeth Gallaway, Fred Holleman, Lucy Holleman, Bates Mays, Edna Mae Poston, Margie Bell Poston, W. A. Sprague, Mary Waltman, and Lottie Woolverton.  They will all graduate provided they survive the examinations.
   The baccalaureate sermon will be at the high school auditorium Sunday morning, May 17.  No definite arrangements have been made as to the speaker.  The commencement exercises will be at the high school auditorium Wednesday night, May 20.  The speaker has not been decided on.


   Knowledge can be acquired from books, but wisdom must be won from living.

Let  us  be  of   good cheer,  remembering that  the  misfortunes hardest  to  bear  are those   which   never come. -- Lowell.


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