Laneville, Texas

Laneville grew up at the intersections of four "lanes" running north, south, east and west. Those lanes are now FM 225 and FM 1798. It was settled primarily by wealthy men who wanted the rich, red soil where they could raise their crops and cattle. The original farmsteads followed this red loam while skirting other sandy white lands found nearby.
The Laneville High School Yellowjacket
A good friend over in Laneville recently found an old copy of THE YELLOWJACKET and said she immediately thought of me. She copied it and gave it to me and I was very surprised at the condition of the old school paper. Sadly, there is one page missing but I couldn't resist transcribing the remainder for everyone. There were orginally 8 pages.
    I have made the front page look as close to the orginal as I can without actually using a scan. (I tried that and it didn't do very well.)
    This issue of the paper discusses graduation, the Texas Centennial and the Honor Roll. It's dated May, 1936.
Cemeteries located nearby
Bethel Cemetery
Gage Cemetery
Laneville Cemetery
McCune Cemetery
Perkins Family Cemetery