What's New in Rusk County

Sep 2017
I've added new information on the SMITH and BLACK families of Rusk County. A little more information on Rosenwald Schools.

Oct 2016
We have a new historical marker in Anadarko! I've also added information on several other markers that have been erected in the last 8 years or so. Thank you, Dean, for getting me motivated.

Jul 2016
My dad died recently. I've been his caregiver 24/7 for almost three years and he kept me busy for two years before that. I hope to become more active again very soon.

Jan 2016
The re-build is finished and I've added some catalogs of small cemeteries from the stack on my desk. I'll be adding more over the next few months. Bridges Cemetery was contributed by Arnie Smithson.

Dec 2015
I've added some Rusk County books to our list and I've re-built the site, again.

Nov 2015
I've removed the family tree software from the site because of spammers - sorry.

Jun 2015
Welcome to the new Rusk County Family Trees! This software will allow you to upload a gedcom of your Rusk County Family.

Jan 2015
I've added a book to the list of books about Rusk County and am presently transcribing news articles to include on the site.

Jul 2014
The site is getting a facelift with some much-needed corrections.

Nov 2013
Marilyn Vaught sent photos and a transcription of the births and deaths pages of the Ross Family Bible.

Jul 2013
Marilyn Vaught has submitted photos of the Ross Family Cemetery at Mount Enterprise.
I am adding new obituaries to the Archives

Jun 2013
Michael Parson has contributed his work on 20 cemeteries. I have added them to the Archives and to the cemetery pages on this site. There will be more photos coming soon. The cemeteries are Anadarko, Beaver Springs, Blanton, Bethel, Florey, Fortson, Garrett, Gray Family, Hall, Hickory Grove, Lees, Miles, Mount Comfort, Mount Zion Baptist, Pine Grove Baptist, Saint John's, Simon, Spence, Tipps, and Tubman.

Apr 2013
Marilyn Vaught has been kind enough to send a wealth of information about her husband's family - William M Ross and the city of Mount Enterprise.

Mar 2013
We have a new DNA-backed story of the Wyatt Family

Nov 2012
Still more of Michael Parson's photos: Mt Zion,

Oct 2012
I have added more cemeteries Gage, Garrett, Lees, and Mt Comfort.

July 2012
Michael Parson has sent photos for 26 cemeteries and I have added Florey, Gray Family and the Hickory Grove African American section. A nice researcher has provided the names for the Perkins, Prather, Phillips Graves near Anadarko.

May 2012
Carolyn sent a transcription and photos of Bethel Cemetery.

April 2012
Michael C has found and photographed the Mason Grave.

February 2012
I've added Carolyn's transcription and photos for Stewart Cemetery.

January 2012
Once again, I have forgotten to update this page for over a year.
My local geocacher, Michael Chanler has been busy and sent photos for Oak Grove Cemetery and Hartt-Foster Cemetery, which was originally called Foster-Bowling on this site. Michael has also udated the GPS coordinates for several other cemeteries.
Carolyn has sent photos and transcriptions for three cemeteries - Stewart, Millville, and Martin, I'm still working on the Stewart photos.

August 2010
Added a catalog and photos of Neeley Cemetery and 375 more photos to Lakewood Cemetery for a total of 3199 photos so far.
I've added a few new cemeteries to the list and made some corrections to others and to the cemetery maps.

June 2010
I've added a new cemetery but have no information on it. Can you help?

May 2010
I've added about 1200 more photos and a catalog of section E to Lakewood Cemetery from Carolyn; added a gate photo for Jones & Hogg Cemetery.

April 2010
I've just moved the site. Nothing should change but, if you have any problems, please let me know.

March 2010
Carolyn sent a transcription and photos for Liberty Cemetery.

December 2009
A couple of new Historical markers for the Beall-Ross Home and the East Texas Musical Convention.

November 2009
Repaired links on the family group sheet page.
Added a partial catalog and some photos of tombstones in Holleman Cemetery

October 2009
Updated Maps, Cemeteries, Churches and Historical Markers.
Added a history for Smyrna Baptist Church
Carolyn sent a complete transcription and photos for Crow Cemetery.
I added a transcription and photos for Woodlawn Heights

September 2009
I've added photos of Smyrna and Redlands Churches and the Concord Community Churches and a transcription and photos of Concord Cemetery.

August 2009
Carolyn has added a complete set of photos for Thompson Cemetery.

June 2009
We won another Honorable Mention from the Surfing Committee, thanks!
I added another photo from Sil Crim of the Crim Family.

May 2009
I've added photos for Thompson Cemetery.

April 2009
Ms. Carnell Lewis Wright submitted a catalog for Antioch Memorial Garden.

February 2009
Added estate records for Elbert J Rachels
Added photos and catalogs of Craig Waggoner Family, and Chapman Cemeteries, a photo of Antioch Memorial Garden, and coordinates for New Prospect Cemetery.
Added photos of Welch, and Lee Shiloh Cemeteries.

January 2009
Added list of Slaves with birthdates from Taylor Elijah Kennard. Orginal document scanned and included.

November 2008
I've re-done the cemetery page. Each cemetery has its own page where information can be added. Most cemeteries are linked to a map of their locations. On the maps, I've linked back to the information page. I moved several cemeteries from the "approximate" map to the "known" map and added a couple of new cemeteries.

August 2008
I've added some photos of the John Watkins Grave.

July 2008
The site received an Honorable Mention for the County of the Month award. This our second Honorable Mention. Thanks, Surfing Committee!
I've added photos and a catalog of Blanton and Dansby Cemeteries. I've also updated some of the Historical Marker pages with photos.

June 2008
Carolyn sent photos and a catalog of Wasson Cemetery
I've finished uploading Lakewood.
The Rusk County Archives has moved again, this time to http://www.usgwarchives.net/tx/rusk/rusktoc.htm

May 2008
I've redecorated again.
Carolyn sent photos and a catalog of Lakewood Memorial Park
I finally uploaded the rest of the cemetery photos from Michael Chanler. This time he sent photos of Bridges, Hall, Hallum, Ross, Tatum, and Vinson Cemeteries.
The submission forms are working again.

April 2008
The Rusk County Homepage has moved to http://www.cnocandoire.com/txrusk/ I'm still unpacking boxes but I think everything works except the submission forms.
The Rusk County Archives has moved to http://www.usgwarchives.net/tx/rusk/rusktoc.htm

March 2008
Michael Chanler sent gate photos of Chapman, Craig, Crow, Ebenezer, Florey, Hunt Lanston, Liberty, Mapps, Moyers, Myers, New Hope, Oak Hill, Oberthier, Stewart, Trammel, and Waggoner cemeteries.
Carolyn added transcriptions and photos of Greely, Langston, & Buckner Cemeteries.
I've added a transcription and photos of Fairview (Medford) Cemetery.
Carolyn is back! She sent photos and a transcription of Wright Cemetery

February 2008
I've added a listing of Historical Markers and
some cemeteries to my main maps.
I've added some experimental death files to the Archives for years 1999-2001.
A Photo of a Henderson High School class taken in 1939.
More photos for Crim's Chapel, thanks to Sil Crim.
More information on the old Union Chapel Cemetery, which is now called Rusk County Memorial Gardens.

January 2008
- this winter has been a toughie and I forgot to update this page.