I can see for miles and miles ...

We live in a beautiful county. Sure, the northeast part is covered with a strip mine and the northwest with oil wells but the southern part of the county looks a lot like it did 100 years ago. And even with the changes that technology and industry have wrought, there are some amazing sights. This page is for photos of some of the things I find when I'm out and about. I apologize for not being a better photographer. If you would like to add photos to this page, please contact me.
Lake Striker
Lake Striker is a very small lake nearby and the land drops about 150 feet. This is a winter view from the top of our "Fire Tower mountain". You can't see it in spring and summer when the oaks have their leaves on.
Lost road
Headed west from Valley Grove Church on CR 3227, this is one of my favorite parts of the county. The road disappears from view and is a bit like a roller coaster.
Wide open spaces
In the midst of the mine, there is beauty. This is Millville Cemetery and the scene that greets you when you walk around to the back of the church.
I took this one from CR 3206 looking north (in the rain).