Tatum Cemetery

In Tatum, take Hwy 43 southwest two blocks. Turn left onto Winona St. Follow it 4 blocks to Stevens St. and turn left. Pass the church and turn right onto Forest St. The cemetery is at the end of the road. Historical marker

Marker Text
Begun as a burial ground for the family of pioneer settler Albert Tatum (1810-70), this land was the site of the rose garden near his plantation home. It was first used as a cemetery in 1862 for the interment of his son william. Also buried here is Tatum's son Paul (1848-1914), donor of the Tatum townsite. Known as "Uncle Fox," Paul Tatum deeded this site as a public burial ground in 1914. Still in use, the cemetery serves as a reminder of the pioneers and early community leaders who figured prominently in the town's development.

Cemetery sign