McCune Cemetery

From Laneville, take FM 1798 east about 2.7 miles. Just after the hard left curve, the cemetery ison the left. It's about 1 mile east of FM 2496.

Marker Text
Located in the Chinquapin Community, McCune Cemetery dates to 1852. Pioneer James L. McCune (1788-c.1838) came to Texas as a member of David G. Burnet’s colony and received a land grant in 1835. McCune’s son, James, married Delila Storm, a local Cherokee, in 1836. The first known burial occurred in 1852 for Susan Elizabeth McCune, James and Delila’s third child. The cemetery was handed down through the family until the 1954 McCune Cemetery association was founded. There are more than 200 graves in the cemetery, mostly marked with headstones of granite surrounded by large hickories, oaks and chinquapins. Since 1835, the cemetery land has been owned by McCune heirs and is still active.