Lockridge Cemetery

On CR 443D, south of Henderson in the Compton Community. Historical Marker

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Lockridge Cemetery
Henry T Lockridge settled in Rusk County, Texas during the 1850s. After serving in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, he purchased land from Charles Lewis in 1863. Henry and his wife, Jane Hunter Lockridge, lived the remainder of their lives on the property. Lockridge Cemetery is also located on the property. Although the oldest marked grave is that of Sarah M Hunter, who died in 1881, it is believed that earlier burials exist. The cemetery became inactive after the 1940s, but there have been several burials at the site since 2004, beginning with the burial od a grandson of Henry T and Jane Hunter Lockridge. Much of the land surrounding the cemetery is still owned by Lockridge descendants.

Historic Texas Cemetery - 2008
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