William C Hays

at Maple Grove Cemetery - from Henderson, go South on Hwy 259 10-1/2 miles. Turn left oto FM 1798. Go one mile and take right fork onto FM 95. Go short distance (3/10 mile) and turn right on County Road 3141D. Go to end of paved road.

Marker Text
(April 24, 1806 - December 20, 1893) Enlisted in cause of Texas independence in Kentucky, Dec. 18, 1835. Fought in victory at San Jacinto, April 21, 1836. Received land grants as service pay, and brought family to Texas to live. Here he aided Gen. Sam Houston in treating with Chief Bowles at Shawnee village; was a charter member and elder in Maple Grove Presbyterian Church, and an early Worshipful Master, Mt. Enterprise Masonic Lodge. Five of his sons fought for Confederacy in 1860s.

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