Blossom Hill United Methodist Church

From the Star in Henderson go east 9.7 miles on Hwy 79N

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Blossom Hill United Methodist Church was established in 1879, when Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Patterson donated the first church property. The church was first known as Pleasant Hill Methodist Episcopal Church and was the first church established in the Chapman community. Chapman was named for the Henry Chapman family. Chapman was one of the earliest settlers in the area, and had received a grant of 640 acres as a veteran of the Texas Revolution. The original wood frame church building was erected west of the original structure. The name of the church was changed to Blossom Hill United Methodist Church circa 1927. A brick church structure replaced the second church in 1959. Throughout the years, the Methodist Church built a strong relationship with the Willow Springs Presbyterian Church, also located in Chapman. For many years church services were held at the Methodist Church on the second and fourth Sundays of the month, while services were held at the Presbyterian Church on the first and third Sundays. For approximately 100 years the two churches held a joint revival each July. The churches began a community sunrise Easter service in 1929. The first service was organized by Mrs. L. A. Carrington, Mrs. Gennie Snelgrove and members of both churches. Although the Presbyterian Church closed in 2006, Blossom Hill United Methodist Church carries on the sunrise service tradition and continues to serve members of the surrounding community. (2009)