Baysinger Cemetery, Rusk County, Texas

Off CR 4237, south of Glenfawn.

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Baysinger Cemetery
In 1839, not long after bringing his family to Texas from Tennessee, Martin Baysinger (1808-1903) received a 640-acre land grant near here. He established a plantation that included a grist mill, brick making pit, syrup mill, cotton gin, "big house", general store and post office. His land holdings increased to nealry 7000 acres, out of which he set aside this small burial ground upon the death of his first wife, Adeline Tipps Baysinger (1812-1870). A wooden grave house that once marked her plot is now gone, as are markers for blacks said to be buried nearby. The remaining graves serve as a record of the pioneer days of Rusk County.

Historic Texas Cemetery - 2001

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