Maps of Rusk County

If you have trouble loading the maps, look at this help page. All these maps are based on coordinates from USGS except the cemeteries and historical markers. If you have a problem locating a cemetery, please let me know. The cemetery map has been divided into sections to speed up load time. I didn't use any specific boundaries this time so cemeteries that are next to each other may be on different maps. I have overlapped the boundaries so cemeteries may appear on more than one map.
The more markers on a map, the longer it takes to load.
There are 197 cemeteries currently plotted by coordinates. If you have a slow connection or the complete map doesn't load, try one with fewer markers. I started with 78 cemeteries from USGS and the others have been mapped by myself and other volunteers.
Complete map - 197 markers
Northern area - 109 markers
Southern area - 109 markers
Northwest - 55 markers
Northeast - 54 markers
Southwest - 54 markers
Southeast - 54 markers
APPROXIMATE locations of about 63 other cemeteries
Populated places are cities, towns, and what we call communities. They may contain 5 people or 1,000,000 (but not in East Texas).
There are 86 markers on this map.
Populated Places
I haven't started adding churches to the original USGS list. Some of the churches are historical and some are new.
There are 110 markers on this map.
A stream is any flowing body of water. It may be small enough to step over or as wide as the Mississippi.
There are 147 markers on this map.
I've created my own map for the Historical Markers.
There are 78 markers on this map.
Historical Markers