From John Anderson to His Daughter

This letter is from James Alden Anderson to his daughter Ida with a postscript from her mother Elizabeth Orra (Taylor) Anderson. It mentions William 'Marvin' Andersons teaching in Rusk County.
[Cameron-Ashley Heath]

Minden, Texas
March 8, 1899

Dear Ida,

Your good kind affectionate and most welcome letter of the 6th recd tonight while at Prayer Meeting. Brother Lowry opened it by mistake. He said he was mighty sorry and wouldn't do so anymore. I don't think he read it. We were mighty glad to hear from you. I've been dreaming about you and was afraid you weren't well. Take good care of yourself. Marvin was at home, went to the Institute, drew all of his money and had a very nice time I think generally. Stopped at the Crows. He seemed to be well pleased with his school. They'll have a school meeting Saturday and with other business I think he allows to try and find out his prospect for another term. He seems to like teaching better than common. I'm glad of it. A Teachers Meeting is published in the news for Saturday at Minden. He may be at home but he didn't say anything about it. I wish you could be here. We had a big crowd and a very nice time at the school celebration.

Your Ma and I both keep well and I'm glad of it for I've got just lots of work to do. I hope I'll catch up after awhile and I'll be glad. I'll not be ready to plant corn before next week and I think it'll be soon enough. I hope I make a big crop and want to try myt best towards it. John was after the buggy Monday. The children were all well. He is going after Sister Howard this week. Accept our love and best wishes.

J.A. Anderson

P.S. Write often and if there's anything you want me to do or anything you want to tell me. Write me and I'll come anytime.

Dear Ida: Your pa is writing and I will put in a few words and tell you what I have been doing. I have been making my pretty dress you sent me. Have it done all but the button holes and buttons. If I had any way I would send it to you. It is so pretty. Maybe I will have a way before long. I commenced putting water on my ash hopper this eve. I am going to make soap when the moon gets new. You know I have to make it in the moon. I have not seen Mattie since you left.