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     I am making this attempt to compile as much information as is available about the Crim family. I would like to consider it a "work in progress" that can easily be up-dated and/or changed as new information is learned. Most of the information came my uncle Sterling M. Crim's little blue book "Roots and Branches of the J.P. Crim Family" dated October 1973. In addition, information from the internet at has been helpful in identifying some of the first Crims to come to America, as well as information about them from the old country. Please feel free to send additional information or edits to Silver C. Crim, 5817 Winding Ridge Drive, Windcrest, Texas, 78239 or e-mail at I encourage each recipient to reproduce this in as many copies as desired to inform family members and also encourage them to expand it with as much information as they wish.
     A word of caution for new researchers: much of the information on the internet has been incorrectly perpetuated and should not be taken as fact until independently confirmed.

In tracing the Crim family through the generations, most present family members in our line spell their name Crim. However, originating in Germany and in earlier times in America, the spelling has been Grimm, Grim, Crimm, and Crim.

There is a great deal of conflicting information about when and from where the first of our Crim (Crimm, Grim, Grimm) ancestors arrived in South Carolina. The earliest known is a Susannah Grimm (Crim) arriving in Charleston in 1735. Little is known about her background, except she had five children and was granted land in Berkley County, South Carolina.

Five years later, two brothers came to America from the Oberschelden Parish, Germany. They were sons of Christian Grimm and Elizabeth Spilman. Johannes (John) Grimm was born in 1701 and his brother Jacob was born in 1705. John Grimm (Crim) and his brother Jacob landed in Philadelphia on December 3, 1740 aboard the ship "Robert and Alice." They were part of the "Palentine Immigration," which basically was designed to get craftsmen to immigrate to the new country. These two brothers show up later in records in Culpepper County, Virginia as part of the Little Fork Group. Johannes's (John's) wife was named Gertrud. We have been unable to find other information about his wife, however, other records indicate that Peter Crim (thought to be in our direct lineage); the son of John Crim was born between 1720 and 1730. Records also indicate that John's brother, Jacob Crim was married but we only know her name as Margaret. (Obviously additional research is required on these two ladies.)

Because of limited information about direct descendents of the two above possible sources of our family roots, I have intentionally omitted family groups, skipping to family members for whom we have documented evidence of the lineage. We shall continue our efforts to clarify the lineage and encourage any and all input.

Abraham Belton Crim Family

Abraham Belton Crim was born in Kershaw County, South Carolina, April 1, 1807. He moved to Shelby County, Alabama some time between 1820 and 1830 taking with him his mother Rachel, his Sister Jane, and a young male whose identity is in question at this writing. These all appeared in the Alabama Census of 1830. There he met and married Joanna Armstrong on January 16, 1830. Joanna had moved to Alabama with her family (William Armstrong) from Tennessee. Between 1840 and 1866, each ten year census indicated the Abraham Crim family as they grew and members of the family married and or moved from the household. The 1866 census indicates that Abraham and family continued to live in Alabama and the census showed there were four children under age ten and most likely those of his widowed daughters, Eliza and America. Their husbands were killed during the Civil War. Others were: 2 males 10-20, most likely James Polk (direct lineage) and Wesley.

Having suffered severe family losses as well as destruction of their property by Union Soldiers, the family moved to Rusk County, Texas in 1866. In 1867, they settled near Henderson, Texas at a place later called Crim's Chapel. Joanna died November 16, 1882 and Abraham died June 10, 1893. They are both buried at Crim's Chapel in Rusk County, Texas. Together they had twelve (12) children.

The children of Abraham and Joanna are listed below:

Zachariah was born October 31, 1830 in Shelby County, Alabama. He married Lucinda Ann Honeycutt, December 21, 1852. Lucinda was born September 6, 1831 and died January 12, 1932. Zachariah died June 9, 1893; both are buried at Crim's Chapel.

Louisa was born in 1832 in Shelby County, Alabama. She died in Rusk County in 1882. Louisa married Elias Armstrong, August 20, 1853, in Shelby County, Alabama. Both are buried at Crim's Chapel.

William was born about 1834 in Shelby County, Alabama. He was killed during a Civil War battle about 1862.

Missouri was born about 1835 in Shelby County, Alabama and died November 9, 1854. She was married to Thomas J. Freeman.

America was born March 17, 1836 in Shelby County, Alabama. She died December 21, 1915 in Rusk County, Texas and is buried at Crim's Chapel. America married George Honeycutt on November 19, 1857. George was born July 11, 1835 and was killed in a Civil War battle on May 11, 1862. They had two children, Martha Louisiana and Roseanne. America moved with her family to Texas as a widow. On March 2, 1881, she married Lee Jasper Smith in Henderson, Texas. They had no children of this marriage. Lee died in 1930. America is also buried at Crim's Chapel.

Peter was born about 1838 in Shelby County, Alabama. He was apparently killed in a military operation July 19, 1863 in Mobile, Alabama. Peter's military service record indicates that his wife (widow) was Mary E. Crim. Further, that she was paid $163.05 by the Treasury Department, Confederate States, on December 5, 1864 for 4 months and 29 days pay and accumulated clothing allowance. He is thought to be buried in Mobile, Alabama.

Elias was born March 17, 1839 in Shelby County, Alabama. He married Julia F. Vice December 28, 1861 in Rusk County, Texas. He died October 23, 1906. Julia was born May 11, 1855 and died September 5, 1930. They are buried at Crim's Chapel Cemetery.

Eliza was born about 1841 in Shelby County, Alabama. Her first marriage was to Henry Harrison Davenport. He was killed in the Civil War and her father Abraham brought her and her son Henry Davenport Jr. to Rusk County, Texas when the family moved. She then married William M. Irwin on July 9, 1871 in Rusk County, Texas.

Matilda was born November 25, 1844 in Shelby County, Alabama and died May 19, 1930. She married Sinclair Richard Davenport on August 24, 1865 in Shelby County. Sinclair was born November 14, 1842 in Autauga, County Alabama. He died April 21, 1937. Both are buried at Crim's Chapel. Matilda and Sinclair had nine children.

Wylie was born about 1845 in Shelby County, Alabama. The 1866 Alabama Census of the Abraham Crim household indicated "one soldier killed and two died of sickness." Wylie Crim would have been one of the three, William and Peter the other two. His date of death was about 1864.

James Polk, my direct lineage, was born March 14, 1847 in Shelby County, Alabama. He married Julia Ann Mims, December 23, 1870, in Rusk County, Texas. Julia was born February 29, 1852 in Milledgeville, Georgia .James died November 24, 1928 and Julia died July 11, 1935. They are buried at Crim's Chapel Cemetery. James Polk and Julia Ann had twelve children and will be detailed below.

John Wesley was born May 9, 1848 in Shelby County, Alabama. He married Lucinda E. Gibson December 23, 1874 in Rusk County, Texas. Lucinda was born July 13, 1856. John and Lucinda had nine children. John died April 3, 1939; he and Lucinda are buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

The following is quoted directly from Sterling M. Crim's "Roots and Branches of the J.P. Crim Family Tree" booklet, October 1973.

"There is an interesting coincidence concerning both my mother's (Mim's) and father's (Crim) families. Their respective trails seemed to almost parallel each other as they traveled West; i.e. from South Carolina, through Georgia, and finally settled only a few miles apart in Rusk County, Texas. The Crims settled in 1867 at a place that became known as Crim's Chapel, and it still bears that name. On their journey from Alabama to Texas they traveled by wagon train, and ferried over the Mississippi River at Vicksburg. The Mims family, coming from Georgia, also traveled by wagon train, but over a different route. They ferried across Lake Pontchartrain near New Orleans, then headed for Texas and settled in Rusk County, near Old Millville. The two families met for the first time in their adopted State-Texas. [Sterling's] mother and father married, December 23, 1870, they bought land and built their home, about five miles west of Henderson, near Pleasant Hill. All twelve of their children were born and reared there. [Sterling's] mother and father are both buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery, as well as six of their children [including Sterling]."

James Polk Crim Family

The twelve children of James Polk and Julia Ann were all born in Rusk County, Texas, near Pleasant Hill. They are listed below:

Walter Benjamin was born November 25, 1871 and died February 14, 1945. His wife Musie was born October 8, 1882 and died November 3, 1918. They are buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery. They had one son, Windsor, born about 1912 (that I am able to find). No other information is available as of this writing.

Joseph Rondo was born December 26, 1873 and died May 2, 1944. He was first married to Carrie Estelle Smith who was born December 29 1874. Carrie died January 3, 1904 shortly after giving birth to a sixth child, Earle Rondo Crim. Joseph married Eleanor (Nellie) Smith in 1905. Nellie was born March 2, 1884 and died June 1 1972. Rondo and Nellie had an additional seven children. Rondo, Carrie and Nellie are all three buried in the City Cemetery, Jacksonville, Texas.

Allen Belton was born February 13, 1876 and died April 15 1942. He was married to Lillie Thompson. Lillie was born about 1883. According to the 1930 census they had two children. Cecile born about 1911 and Frances N., born about 1917. I have a family picture taken in 1911 and Uncle Sterling Crim identified Belton holding a child named Margie and Lillie holding a child named Faye, as well as another child named Gladys. As of this writing, I do not have additional information or clarification. Would greatly appreciate any help to clarify.

Basil Malcolm was born December 18, 1877 and died May 16 1944. He was married to Annie Belle Dunkin. Belle was born in 1861 and died in 1951. (Exact dates unknown) Basil and Belle had two children according to the 1930 census, Mable born about 1910 and Anne Belle, born September 16, 1920. Anne Belle was killed in the explosion at the New London School on March 18, 1937. Annie Belle is buried along with her parents at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Rusk County, TX.

Luna Doxi was born August 28, 1880 and died August 8, 1968. She was married to Douglas Milton Sample. Douglas was born February 8, 1873 and died June 17, 1952. He and Luna are buried at Crim's Chapel Cemetery. They had a son, Otis who died in 1920 and two daughters. Faye C. Sample was born about 1909 and Julia B. Sample was born about 1914. I have no other information.

Bessie Alma was born October 18, 1882 and died August 26, 1942. She was married to Sydney Ramsey. Sydney was born about 1873. According to the 1930 census, they had two sons, Sydney Ramsey Jr. born about 1910 and Jack K. born about 1912. However in the 1911 photograph, uncle Sterling identified another child named Ena Lewis born prior to Sydney Jr. and Jack. (I have no other information as of this writing)

Rudolph Sanford was born February 5, 1885 and died August 29, 1953. He was married to Carrie O'Quinn. Carrie was born in 1889 and died in 1969. They had four children, Ralph, born about 1919 and Louise J., born about 1920 and twins Clara and Annie, born about 1923. Sanford and Carrie are both buried in the Crim's Chapel Cemetery.

Clifton Lee was born May 1, 1887 and died September, 27 1979. He is buried in Henderson Texas. Clifton married Martha F. Lloyd, born March 8, 1886 and died December 13, 1969.They had three children: Julia M. born about 1911. I have no other information as of this writing. Donald L. Crim born October 4, 1917 and died May 6, 2004 after having served the military in World War II and Korea. Donald Married Helen Katherine, born January 3, 1923 and is still living. Roy C. Crim was born about October 1919 and Preston M. Crim was born about January 1925. No other information available at this time. The family is buried in the Crim's Chapel Cemetery.

Susan Faye (Sudie) was born March 9, 1889 and died July 19, 1948. Sudie was married to Joseph Marcus Price and they lived in a huge house in Price, Texas at the junction of Texas highways 64 and 259, just west of Henderson, Texas. Following the New London School explosion, J.M and Sudie donated land which included productive oil wells to the school district. As of this writing, the oil wells are still producing. They had four children: Margaret E., born about 1914; Bessie L., born about 1919, a son, Joseph Sterling Price, born November 24, 1921 and was killed during World War II in an aircraft crash in Cambridge, England in June 4,1945. Sterling was a First Lt. in the U.S. Army Air Corps, with the 384th Fighter Squadron. The youngest child was Luna Faye was born June 15, 1944. She married Henry Clay Berry June 15, 1944 and had one child, Sarah Dee Berry. Henry Clay was born in 1919 and died in 1973. Luna Faye died in Selma, Alabama August 9, 1996. (For further research, Luna Faye's SSAN is 460-32-1356.)

Sterling Manley was born December 17, 1891 and died November 11, 1980. Sterling married Gladys Ashcraft Matheson on July 31, 1926 while stationed in Hawaii with the U.S. Army. Gladys was born September 27, 1892 and died July 22, 1991.Gladys was a registered nurse and served in World War I with the Canadian Nurse Corps. (There is a photo essay highlighting Gladys' life attached to this document.) There were no children born to this marriage. Both are buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Sterling served continuously in the United States Army (Infantry) from August 1917 until retirement December 31, 1946. He served in both World Wars and retired with the rank of Colonel. Following retirement, Sterling and Gladys live in San Antonio, Texas. Colonel Sterling Manley Crim was an officer and a gentleman in the truest sense. He inspired and was loved by many who served under and with him. Relatives J.M. and Sudie Price to named a son after him. He inspired Silver Carroll Crim to enter the Air Force and also serve twenty-eight years until his retirement. His inspiration also led Silver and Betty Crim to name their son after their Great-Uncle Sterling.

James Preston was born January 18, 1895 and died in an automobile accident, October 24, 1925.Following his service in WWI, he became the Principal of Brenham High School, Brenham, TX and help that position at the time of his death. Preston was not married and is buried at Crim's Chapel Cemetery.

Hubert Mims was born December 21, 1897 and died in January 14, 1976. He married Exa Belle Eaton in 1916. Exa Belle was born December 23, 1899 and they had one son, Parker Lee Crim, born March 31, 1926. Exa Belle died in Galveston, Texas of cancer on Christmas day 1959. Later, in 1961 Hubert married Vennie Lill (Pool) (Brown). She was born February 25, 1905. In 1937, Vennie married William O. Brown, an employee of Reed's Department Store. The Browns lived in Kilgore and later Odessa, Texas, returning to Henderson in 1941. Mr. Brown died in 1948 and Vinnie later married Hubert Crim. There were no children in this marriage, Vennie lived in Henderson and was employed as bookkeeper at Reed's Jewelry Store for a number of years. She died June 12, 2001 at 97 years old and is buried at Strongs Cemetery, Rusk County, Texas. Parker Lee died March 23, 1997. Hubert, Exa Belle and Parker Lee are buried at Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Rusk County, Texas.

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