Ware Graves

These two graves are located at Tatum. I don't have an exact location.

WARE, Levi Hill   died 08/08/1858   native of Spartanburg Dist
WARE, Infant   died 12/09/1857   age 36 hours   son of L. H. and E. H. Ware

There is more information in the Archives. See also Eli Ware Grave.

from Stephanie Katauskas:

"Levi (also Levy) Hill Ware's (also Weir) grave is there at the Ware Cemetery (d. 1858) as well as his infant son (d. 1857) with wife Elizabeth Vinson Ware (who went on to marry James Winwright Flanagan).

"There is a source (Thornton 1938, see below) that says a Walter Robinson is buried there (d. sometime after 1900) although his grave is no longer extant. Robinson was the father of Mrs. Clarence Flanagan (Thornton 1938). Erin L. Robinson Flanagan was the first wife of Clarence R. Flanagan. In 1900, the Robinson family was living in the second precinct of Rusk County. A farmer from Alabama, Robinson owned his farm. Daughter Erin Robinson, age 23, was in residence at the time (U.S. Department of the Interior, Census Office 1900). Clarence Flanagan, son of David Webster Flanagan and second wife Sallie P. Ware Flanagan, married Erin Robinson in 1904. By 1910, Clarence and Erin lived in the third precinct of Rusk County, where they owned a farm (U.S. Department of the Interior, Census Office 1910). It is unknown when Walter Robinson died. He is not listed in the 1910 Rusk County Census and it is possible that he died between 1900 and 1910 (U.S. Department of the Interior, Census Office 1900, 1910).

"The cemetery is on private property on the Benjamin Ellis Survey, west of Tatum, near the old community of Flanagan. It is near the intersection of the railroad and Flanagan Rd. I have some more info on Levi Ware if you need it. Oh, and I attached some pictures for you. Hope this helps!

"Thornton, J.N. “Graves on the Trammell’s Trace: Eli Hill Pioneer Teacher.” Henderson Times. Available from Listen to the Echoes. (I have a copy of the original article too.)"

Levi Ware Infant