Todd Family Cemetery

From Mt. Enterprise, go east on Hwy 84 to Caledonia. Turn left (north) onto FM 1971. Go less than 3 miles, turn right (east) onto CR 3251. Go a little over 1 mile, cemetery is on the right. This cemetery was started in 1979 by Virgil Clark with the burial of his daughter, Sharron Clark Lykke. (catalog below) cemetery view


Row 1
Todd, Sam Jefferson 08/25/1900-04/08/1939 (memorial)
Screws, Willie B. 11/28/1900-06/12/1979
Fenn, Lela 12/12/1924-12/10/1993
Key, Vera 09/17/1922-11/02/1975 (re-burial)

Row 2
Clark, Virgil 01/25/1919-? s/w Mildred
Clark, Mildred L. Todd 01/25/1919-01/24/1992 s/w Virgil Married Sep 10, 1938

Row 3
Lykke, Clifford F. 08/08/1940-?
Lykke, Sharron Clark 09/03/194008/14/1979 Married Aug 26, 1960

cemetery view