Spence Cemetery

Take Hwy 79 west from Henderson. Turn right (north) on Hwy 42. Go about one half mile to Duncan Good Springs Cemetery, turn left (south) on County Road 477. Go about .6 mile and Spence is on the left.

The cemetery is very old and the rows are set up almost diagonally on the lot. They run roughly east and west. There are photos of this cemetery at the Tombstone Photo page. spence cemetery
Gina Heffernan - October 28, 1999

Lat 32.0613889
Lng 94.9325000

Marguerite E. ALMON 1856-1882 wife of T.N. ALMON
A. G. ARNOLD 11/19/1822-1876 54 years
Bettie E. ARNOLD 5/27/1859-7/11/1927, Mother
Elmira ARNOLD died 1878 54 years
Fannie ARNOLD born 1846 age about 25 years
Infant son of L.B. & N.N. ARNOLD 7/13/1913-7/18/1913
James B. ARNOLD 9/14/1858-1/26/1901, Father
John ARNOLD 12/22/1844 died July
Lee F. ARNOLD 2/4/1897-2/10/1909, Brother
M. ARNOLD 9/15/1843-6/10/1904, Father, shared with M.C. ARNOLD
M. C. ARNOLD 8/16/1853-9/28/1929, Mother, shared with M. ARNOLD
Minnie ARNOLD 1/5/1878-3/8/1899 daughter of Mr. & Mrs. O? ARNOLD
Miss S.E. ARNOLD died 1918
Nannie daughter of Moses & Melissa ARNOLD
Permelia ARNOLD 11/19/1851-6/18/1895
W. L. ARNOLD 1843-1935
Elton Bearden (Crawford-Crim-Bryan Funeral Home)
Fannie L. DENNIS 9/29/1883-9/12/1961
Daniel Bar DUKES 12/6/1852-11/1/1940 shared with Mary DUKES
Mary Frances Latham DUKES 10/26/1859-9/3/1881 shared with Daniel DUKES
Angela Joy GANDY 07/28/1965-03/14/2009 (Crawford-Crim-Bryan Funeral Home)
James H GRIFFIN 03/25/1941-12-24-2004 wooden cross
MJH born 1865 there is no other information on this homemade stone
Martha HOPKINS 1842-1866
Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W.C. LACY 10/19/1929
Billy R. SPENCE 2/27/1928-11/8/1998, Mason, Sharon, P.M., shared with Ina SPENCE
Clarence son of G.R. & Ollie SPENCE 8/4/1910
Ina Madge Rawson SPENCE 10/22/1936-shared with Billy SPENCE
James W. SPENCE 1852-1931 shared with Sarah SPENCE
Lillie Odel (Dollie) SPENCE 7/26/1902-9/12/1928
Sarah C. SPENCE 1863-1919 shared with James SPENCE
Susie A. SPENCE 7/8/1860-9/17/1900 shared with William SPENCE
Walter SPENCE 2/14/1881-6/17/1884
William J. SPENCE 5/3/1854-10/12/1891 shared with Susie SPENCE
Guadalupe VILLAHUEVA 4/12/1997
James Walter WATSON 1882-1957
Johnie Texana WATSON 1883-1941
An addition from Michael Parson
Garza, Blake    02 May 1992    04 Feb 2012