Edmondson Cemetery
aka Old Town

From Mt. Enterprise, take State Highway 259 north, then right onto Hwy 315, maybe a mile then left onto County Road 3202 when you see the sign for the cemetery. An old barn on the right behind some tombstones.
Gina Heffernan (some information below)

I transcribed this cemetery from photos located on the Tombstone Photo page, it is not complete. I was at this cemetery many years ago and I remember that there are graves on both sides of the road. I believe this is also known as the Edmonson Cemetery.

Lat 31.9390576
Long -94.6785437

There is a 1973 catalog in the Archives and a more recent one.

s/w = stone shared with
b. = born
d. = died
m. = married
w/o = wife of
d/o = daughter of
s/o = son of
WOTW = Woodmen of the World

Anderson, George W 11/20/1858-10/27/1899
Anderson, Nancy A 1/4/1846-4/5/1910 w/o G C or C C?
Ballard, O R 2/28/1883?-4/28/1900 [stone has parents' initials]
Beckham, Eugene Murray 4/28/1917-6/30/1921 s/o V G & Mary
Beckham, Katie Burnard 10/20/1902-10/1/1917 d/o V G & M
Beckham, Leon 12/19/1912-1/5/1913 s/o Mr & Mrs V G
Brothers, Lillian 4/28/1890-6/8/1965
Bruton, Anna Belle ??/10/1887-??/??/1891 d/o W J & ?
Bruton, Charles G 1866-1933
Bruton, Martha Elizabeth 4/28/1873-1/5/1963 w/o Charles
Bussey, Vera E 11/1/1900-9/15/1902
Chadwick, A L Wilson 12/29/1839-4/10/1897 w/o A H
Chadwick, Ambrose H 8/27/1840-2/2/1935 CPL CO G 17TH REGT ALA INF CSA
Fitts, James I 8/28/1879-9/28/1900
Fogg, Joseph L 10/26/1905 (only date) PVT MOSBY'S VA CAV CSA
Fogg, William E 10/20/1872-7/20/1891 s/o J L & M V?
Fryman, James Morgan 12/3/1862-2/12/1945 s/w William & Ida
Fryman, William Holly 10/18/1898-9/20/1899 s/w James & Ida
Fryman, Ida Grayson 12/20/1872-8/17/1910 s/w James & William
Holmes, Charity 10/1858-8/2/1944
Howell, Charles B 12/6/1880-2/18/1940
Howell, John G 12/7/1852-2/17/1939
Howell, Willie A 11/5/1856-8/11/1926
Huckaby, E M 5/29/1875-5/3/1908 WOTW
Huckaby, Fannie L Ray 6/1883-Fall 1908
Lawler, Isaac 11/1/1815-2/19/1898
Lawler, Mildred Hix 1827-1908 w/o Isaac Sr.
Long, H G 1834-1911 [Physician]
Long, Elizabeth 1835-1907 w/o H G
March, L D 12/16/1851-11/18/1878 "M.D."
March, S E 11/3/1839-9/6/1882 w/o S W "Our mother"
Morris, James F 4/10/1843-11/17/1910 s/w Pallie
Morris, Pallie S 5/26/1849-5/19/1934 s/w James
Murphey, J A 1/31/1859-3/23/1909
Neal, Verdell 1921-1980 PFC US ARMY WWII
Parker, Abe 10/21/1927 (only date) TEXAS SGT 6 US INF
Parker, Jacob 1805-? CO B 11 TEXAS INF CSA s/w Mahala
Parker, Mahala 1807-? s/w Jacob
Parker, W J 2/22/1885-11/15/1886 s/o J & M
Price, Charlie Ross 3/25/1899-7/16/1899 s/w Ollie
Price, Ollie May 3/25/1899-3/25/1899 s/w Charlie
Rainbolt, Mary 8/25/1813-1/12/1876 w/o W H
Ray, Cora B 11/19/1882-1/22/1977
Ray, Ella M Lawler 3/1858-8/1904
Ray, Infant 8/22/1895-9/15/1895 s/o W D & Fannie
Ray, Jessie K 5/16/1909-2/7/1923 d/o W D & Cora
Ray, William M 1/31/1914-1/30/1978 MSGT US ARMY WWII
Rettig, Bessie died 12/17/1884 age ?y 6m d/o W E & M
Rettig, Bertha died 12/27/1884 age 2y 10m d/o W E & M
Riley, Jefferson D 1860-1935 s/w Sarah
Riley, Sarah A 1867-1962 s/w Jefferson
Ross, Bertha 10/28/1896-8/28/1900 d/o A H & Alice
Ross, D W 6/23/1819-5/27/1877
Ross, J W 8/15/1813-4/18/1892 w/o D W
Russell, Marslette 11/7/1897-12/16/1900 d/o J M? & Sue
Sapp, Ruby S 12/1/1905-3/26/1911? d/o W R & Sallie
Simpson, William F 12/23/1833-1/7/1921? Mason Symbol
Sory, Arminta March 7/23/1840-6/13/1867 d/o John & Jane
Sory, Infant 10/7/1860- 10/14/1860 d/o John & Jane
Sory, John 4/16/1816-10/18/1875
Sory, Murphey H 11/24/1889-3/16/189? s/o F G & Carrie
Turner, Rovilla Fogg 1847-1923 w/o Tom
Wilson, Harriet A "Mother"
Wilson, Mary A "Daughter" [dates illegible in photo]
Wilson, Uncle John 1/7/1850-1/31/1935