Nip & Tuck Cemetery

From Tatum, go southeast on Hwy 43 about 2 1/2 miles. Turn left (east) onto FM 1716. Follow past the curve. This cemetery is on private property and is not accessible.

I received photos today (12/15/2008) of Nip and Tuck Cemetery from Diana. This is what I've come up with.
Thanks, Diana!

The stone for
Austin, Roline (?)
died 1889 - age 65 yrs
is no longer in
I found a Caroline Austin on the 1880 Census with husband Thomas and children Peter, Hetta, Lueza, Jane and Alice.
page 98a
In Memory of
Laura wife of
Charles Bates
died Nov 20, 1887
My Dear Wife
has Gone .....
not Forgotten
I found Charley and Laura Bates on the 1880 Census for Rusk County with children Leola, Mary, Larany, and Daniel.
page 96a
In Memory of
Guss son of
Allic & Harriet
died May 12, 1887
Gone to be an Angel
I found Alex Bradley on the 1880 Census for Rusk County with wife Harriett and children Russell, Mary, Edward, Alexander and Oscar.
page 87d
[broken stone]
died June 17, 1900
age 40 yrs
[This stone belonged to
Mandy - wife of Isaiah Menefee]
I found Isaiah Menefee on the 1880 Census for Rusk County with wife Amanda and children William, Susan and Gustin.
page 90a
Hanna Reese
died Aug 30, 1889
age 35 yrs
Gone to Rest
There was a John and Luvinia Reese who lived close to the Bates with children Daniel, Mary and George. (Just a suggestion, Luvinia was 22, Hanna would have been 26.)
page 96b
There is a tree carving that says
"Beware Ye of the Curse of Sarah"
I don't know how old the
carving is.
There was a Sarah buried here.
An earlier catalog gave no
surname but the death date
1894 - age 75 yrs
The only Sarah I could find on the 1880 Census in District 75 was Sarah Chapman, a widow, with children William, Frank, Alford and July. Sarah was 58.
page 107d
I don't believe this is the right Sarah.

The original survey is in the Archives.