Miles Cemetery

From Mt Enterprise, take Hwy 84 east about 5 miles. Turn left (north) onto Hwy 95. Go about one mile, cemetery is on the left.

There is another catalog in the Archives.

Caddle, Annie 08/03/1878-10/23/1909
Caddle, Anthony 05/20/1850-01/27/1897
Caddle, Helen 08//1846-09//1914
Cloudy, Jane 08/12/1891
Gipson, Wiley 1853-1923
Hall, Carrie 09/26/1883-6/29/1907 dau of R H & M
Hall, George 05/29/1895-1/15/1908 son of R H & M
Hall, J S 05/07/1869-11/15/1889
Hall, Joe 1799-02/14/1872
Hall, Minnie O 12/29/1886-04/16/1888
Hartsfield, Harriet A 1845- wife of W H
Johnson, Ann 04/01/1854-01/30/1887
Johnson, Margret 09/16/1877-07//1915 dau of Mose & Ann
Johnson, E D 07/16/1863-8/12/1924 husband of Sarah
Johnson, Wist 05/15/1854-04/21/1887
Lewis, Jennie 1860-5/19/1910
Miles, Benjamin Franklin 08/11/1813-07/21/1864
Miles, Sarah Albertine 02/11/1829-07/18/1865 wife of B F
Miles, Albert B M D 05/18/1852-08/05/1894 son of B F & S A
Miles, Eliza Jane 12/13/1863-06/19/1865 dau of B F & S A
Milton, George 05/06/1852-11/15/1884
Nickerson, A C 10/30/1862-12/14/1891
Nickerson, Margaret A 05/05/1864-8/30/1905 wife of Dan
Nickerson, Wilbert 09/17/1898-10/15/1905 son of Dan & M A
Noble, A R 12/11/1867-10/13/1901
Wilson, Judy No dates