Maple Grove Cemetery

From Henderson, go South on Hwy 259 10-1/2 miles. Turn left (east) onto FM 1798. Go one mile and take right fork onto FM 95. Go short distance (3/10 mile) and turn right (south) onto County Road 3141D. Go to end of paved road.

The cemetery is in three parts. Looking at fence from outside, there are two gates. The section to the right of the right hand gate is Section 1. Between the gates is Section 2 and the portion to the left of the left hand gate is Section 3. I have not included empty spaces. The back rows of the center section are not in straight lines. There are some photos at the Tombstone Photo page.
Gina Armstrong Heffernan - 5/14/2000

Maple Grove Cemetery Picnic

New date for picnic this year is Oct 3, 2010 (1st Sunday in October). In 2009, the change was voted on and passed. Funds will be low by then. If you wish to make an early contribution:
Maple Grove Cemetery Association cemetery view
PO Box 126
Minden TX 75680

Lat 320.589
Lon -9441.966

m. = married
w/o = wife of
h/o = husband of
c/o = children of
d/o = daughter of
s/o = son of
WOTW = Woodmen of the World

SECTION 1, ROW 1 Left-Right
ORR, Joe B. 4/9/1912-1/25/1998 s/w Catherine
ORR, Catherine 1/25/1917-5/18/1990 s/w Joe
ORR, Barbara Jo 9/9/1943-9/10/1943 d/o Joe and Catherine
ORR, Wren Webb "Bill" 2/28/1916-10/19/1989 PFC US Army WWII s/w Geneva
ORR, Geneva A. Campbell 9/29/1923-11/18/1993 s/w Wren
ORR, Leesa Amanda 9/27/1957-9/1/1965
ORR, Wren Webb Jr. 1944
HAYS, Reuben 11/6/1899-1/2/1969 s/w Kathleen
HAYS, Kathleen E. 10/25/1907-11/7/1998
RHEA, Bobby Lynn 2/2/1952-1/10/1990 PFC US Army Viet Nam s/w Le Thi Phe
RHEA, Le-Thi-Phe 6/13/1941- s/w Bobby
RHEA, James Allen 8/15/1944-11/15/1944
RHEA, Allen 10/22/1923-5/25/1979 s/w Mildred
RHEA, Mildred 10/1/1924-9/27/1992 s/w Allen
WILLINGHAM, Rev. Leonard 1884-1948 s/w Letha
WILLINGHAM, Letha M. 1889-1982 s/w Leonard
WALLACE, R. Julian 8/5/1893-7/7/1972 s/w Ruby
WALLACE, Ruby Jones 7/16/1895-4/8/1975 s/w R. Julian
GRIFFIN, Joe Rade 1909-1953 s/w Mabel
GRIFFIN, B\Mabel H. 1910-1990 s/w Joe
GRIFFIN, Joe Lynn 9/23/1938-1/2/1998 s/w Jo
GRIFFIN, Jo Nell 1/25/1945-  s/w Joe

Row 2
MORGAN, Milbra 8/30/1894-7/3/1969
GRIFFIN, Ash 2/8/1882-4/20/1969 s/w Etta
GRIFFIN, Etta 8/26/1884-4/5/1980 s/w Ash
HARRINGTON, Albert 1879-1968 s/w Ora
HARRINGTON, Ora 1875-1956 s/w Albert
JONES, Kenneth C. 9/1/1889-7/1/1952 Texas PFC School of the Military Aero WWI s/w Retta Farris
FARRIS, Retta Ribb Jones 4/21/1895-1/16/1989 s/w Kenneth Jones
PLUNKETT, Riley Davis Sr. 6/10/1913-1/17/1989 s/w Rubye
PLUNKETT, Rubye Jane Jones 10/22/1920- s/w Riley
KELLY, Winfred E. 10/16/1873-9/30/1962 s/w Josephine
KELLY, Josephine 3/21/1879-1/18/1958 s/w Winfred
KELLY, Aldred D. 7/25/1919-12/7/1969 Texas PFC CO K 315 INF WWII
BARRY, Roy M. 11/17/1887-3/6/66 s/w Mildred
BARRY, Mildred Hays 2/14/1897-5/26/1947 s/w Roy
HAYS, Mickey Earl 9/23/1940-11/7/44 s/w Ronnie "Brothers"
HAYS, Ronnie Clyde 7/28/1954-7/17/1972 s/w Mickey "Brothers"
HAYS, Clyde W. 2/24/1918-2/22/1977 TEC 5 US Army WWII

Row 3
PINKERTON, Claude 6/6/1875-2/25/1946
PINKERTON, Leona Orr 11/6/1880-6/23/1955
PINKERTON, Thelma Orlene 6/8/1900-9/7/1984
HUSBAND, Herbert 8/1/1910-1/23/2000 s/w Lorene
BROKER, Milton Charles Jr. 5/31/1947-2/12/1994
BROKER, Milton Charles Sr. 5/20/1914-1/15/1967 Texas T SGT Army Air Force WWII
WISEMAN, Christine Ann 11/13/1972-11/12/1980
ORR, William Richard 12/2/1920-11/11/1968 s/w Ruth
ORR, Ruth 7/3/1920- s/w William
SHAW, Rayford W. 7/1/1911-12/10/1989 m. 5/22/1936 s/w Opal
SHAW, Opal B. 12/10/1916-  s/w Rayford
SHAW, Agnes Jean 4/23/1937-2/14/1967
RAWLINSON, J. Scott 11/6/1963-8/31/1986

Row 4
BAREFIELD, Frank W. 6/7/1909-4/8/1978 s/w Julia
BAREFIELD, Julia Syble 2/19/1914-2/6/1993 s/w Frank W.
ARMSTRONG, William J. "Bill" 10/11/1903-12/30/1968 Texas PVT 68 HQ CO 170 INF BN WWII s/w Frankie
ARMSTRONG, Frankie 4/9/1905-6/14/1986 s/w William
SINCLAIR, Marion 5/5/1907-9/14/1958
TAYLOR, J. M. "Jim" 3/7/1869-12/4/1952 s/w Fannie
TAYLOR, Fannie Lou 2/18/1873-3/12/1954 s/w J. M.
STOVALL, Thomas Hendrix 2/10/1884-9/4/1967 s/w Lizzie
STOVALL, Lizzie Florence 5/30/1896-8/30/1976 s/w Thomas
HAYS, James F. 10/2/1917-6/8/1999 m. 9/25/1939 s/w Wilma
HAYS, Wilma S. 6/21/1917- s/w James
HUNTER, Dorothy Crow 3/16/1925-   s/w O'Dell
HUNTER, O'Dell 7/29/1913-4/17/1980  s/w Dorothy
CROW, Hazel George 1/24/1899-5/7/1985 s/w Wendell
CROW, Wendell Bradley 6/26/1895-2/7/1966 s/w Hazel
TIPPS, Ella P. 7/5/1881-3/22/1960
TIPPS, Henry E. 4/11/1878-1/8/1948

Row 5
DAWSON, Dr. C. A. 1868-1947 s/w Evie
DAWSON, Evie 1871-1962 s/w C. A.
DAWSON, Douglas K. 2/6/1892-2/14/1976 s/w Mae
DAWSON, Mae 8/6/1909-7/18/1997 s/w Douglas
PIRTLE, Arthur Perry 1/8/1891-11/2/1969 Texas PVT 4 CO 165 Depot Brig WWI s/w Fairy
PIRTLE, Fairy Lee 3/21/1898-1/1/1978 s/w Arthur
HUDMAN, G. Austin 5/5/1908-5/29/1989 s/w Margie
HUDMAN, Margie E. 1/18/1920-   s/w G. Austin
MCCLURE, William O. 9/25/1982-1/3/1956 s/w Jennie
MCCLURE, Jennie W. 3/20/1891-9/27/1970 s/w William
MCCLURE, W. O. "Bud" 4/23/1915-7/24/1963 s/w Jean
MCCLURE, Jean E. 6/2/1921- s/w W. O.
HANEY, Sam I. 12/16/1918-   s/w Jeffie
HANEY, Jeffie McClure 8/24/1922 s/w Sam
POOVEY, Nancy Haney 4/2/1957-2/17/1979
HOPKINS, Wallace 12/15/1898-12/26/1973 s/w Naomi
HOPKINS, Naomi 9/16/1900-6/20/1969 s/w Wallace
HOPKINS, Beverly Gayle 1/2/1959-3/28/1959

Row 6
PINKERTON, J. B. "Dottie" 2/6/1905-10/15/1978 m. 2/21/1913 s/w Gladys
PINKERTON, Gladys Rich 9/26/1907-  s/w J. B.
DEASON, Loyd S. 8/2/1897-8/6/1963 Texas Captain (MC) USNR WWII s/w Sarah
DEASON, Sarah 3/7/1905-11/9/1994  s/w Loyd
DEASON, Loyd Jr. 8/1/1937-
GAGE, Marcus Dempse 6/22/1888-8/13/1964 s/w Bonnie
GAGE, Bonnie Barry 1/4/1890-5/21/1978  s/w Marcus
PIRTLE, Pete 1922-1947 s/w Tommye
PIRTLE, Tommye 1926-  s/w Pete
MILLER, Marion LaVelia 11/29/1919-1/31/1979
DAWSON, Tom 1898-1947 s/w Goldie
DAWSON, Goldie 1901-1982 s/w Tom

Row 7
HAYS, Henry B. 8/30/1889-2/14/1947 s/w Lela
HAYS, Lela J. 8/6/1891-4/23/1985 s/w Henry
HAYS, J. Mason 2/29/1912-8/23/1994 m. 12/21/1935 s/w Hazel
HAYS, Hazel A. 7/25/1912-   s/w J. Mason
HAYS, Lee 10/23/1888-4/5/1966 s/w Lola
HAYS, Lola 10/17/1896-10/14/1971 s/w Lee
PERRY, Climmie Lucille 9/25/1915-11/17/1998 s/w Earl
PERRY, Earl Jonah 10/1/1910-10/8/1999 s/w Climmie
PERRY, Mary E. 6/30/1878-5/12/1973
PIRTLE, Wesley W. 10/7/1892-4/5/1969 Texas PVT BTRY E 52 Field ARTY WWI s/w Lela
PIRTLE, Lela M. 9/16/1897-  s/w Wesley
PIRTLE, Billy 3/18/1929-1/8/1996 "Bill & Dee" SMSGT US Air Force WWII Korea Viet Nam s/w Delores
PIRTLE, Delores Marie 4/20/1926-  s/w Billy

Row 8
SLEDGE, Fred W. 1/10/1919-1/27/1978 PVT US Army WWII s/w Mary
SLEDGE, Mary E. 3/28/1926-  s/w Fred
CHURCH, Herbert R. 1907-1957 s/w Ruth
CHURCH, Ruth 1909-1985 s/w Herbert
WELCH, Eugene 6/11/1882-12/16/1955 s/w Oma
WELCH, Oma Hays 1/31/1887-3/25/1970 s/w Eugene
RETTIG, Ethel 12/25/1909-4/26/1995
RETTIG, Sam 1884-1980 s/w Gertie
RETTIG, Gertie 1885-1953 s/w Sam

Row 9
BROWN, Frank L. 10/5/1883-7/5/1956 s/w Ivor
BROWN, Ivor B. 6/23/1891-6/9/1990 s/w Frank
BROWN, F. L. Jr 3/6/1919-4/5/1994 MSGT US Air Force Korea s/w Marie
BROWN, Marie S. 2/22/1920-   s/w F. L.
GILL, Opal Rettig 10/28/1906-1/28/1997
RETTIG, Frank 2/20/1875-7/3/1966 s/w Ola
RETTIG, Ola Orr 8/21/1886-12/23/1969 s/w Frank
PEAVY, Samuel Irwin 2/3/1891-2/4/1958
PEAVY, Stella I. 11/6/1903-2/3/1993
STONE, Jerry D. Jr. 11/4/1966-11/4/1966
PEAVY, Raymond A. 12/4/1923-10/12/1988
LOVELL, Mary Rich 9/18/1909-2/8/1983

Row 10
HARRIS, Porter S. 1903-1964 s/w Edna
HARRIS, Edna F. 1911-1977 s/w Porter
SPARKMAN, Virgil H. 1865-1960 s/w Maggie
SPARKMAN, Maggie L. 1884-1970 s/w Virgil
SPARKMAN, Houston V. 3/11/1906-5/15/1977
GOODWIN, Albert Dawson 4/11/1908-12/30/1970
AKIN, Winnie Seppie 2/22/1878-7/20/1952
GOODWIN, Jesse Lee 8/1/1885-2/25/1952

Row 11
WHITTEN, Melton M. "Papa" 9/29/1876-1/29/1956
WHITTEN, Nannie Hall 7/30/1888-3/18/1969
YOUNGBLOOD, Willis Gordon 6/24/1910-9/5/1969 s/w Frances
YOUNGBLOOD, Frances Deneva 9/12/1912-   s/w Willis
RIOS, Shirley Mae (Higginbotham) 6/21/1934-7/3/1976

Row 12
ORR, Wiley 2/28/1907-12/31/1971 s/w Sue
ORR, Sue 2/6/1922-3/7/1992 s/w Wiley
ORR, James Woodrow 3/8/1918-10/20/1972 s/w Ellie
ORR, Ellie Mae 4/29/1918-  s/w James
ORR, Henry W. 1923-1970
ORR, John 11/27/1889-8/16/1975 s/w Mary
ORR, Mary 7/15/1893-3/29/1965 s/w John

Row 13
CURTIS, Glen Dayton 7/17/1925-11/30/1986 S2 US Navy WWII s/w Glen, s/w Mary
CURTIS, Mary Orr 4/15/1928-
ORR, William L. 5/11/1920-8/21/1988 TEC 5 US Army WWII s/w Bobbie
ORR, Bobbie N. 1/15/1933-  m. 1/15/1933  s/w William

SECTION 2 ROW 1 Right - Left
ADAMS, Betty Crow 6/1/1883-3/25/1974
CROW, John Fletcher 9/26/1891-1/24/1923
CROW, John S. 1852-1952 s/w Lou
CROW, Lou A. 1859-1942 s/w John
RETTIG, Mildred Hix Ray b. 5/28/1895 Mt. Enterprise d/o Robert Templeton Ray & Ella Mae Lawler d. 7
RAY, John 2/14/1893-9/13/1979
WELCH, Effie Ray 1/31/1881-2/18/1927
WELCH, Joseph Yancy 4/21/1880-7/6/1967
GRIFFIN, Nellie Kate 3/20/1894-5/14/1972
GRIFFIN, Robert lee 1/1/1889-4/27/1965
JACKSON, Lelia 11/30/1891-5/14/1929 w/o E. D. Rhea
RHEA, James Ed 8/24/1892-6/25/1957
BARRINGTON, Mary A. (Joy) 8/19/1906-9/4/1981 2nd w/o J.Y. Welch
RICH, Fred 8/26/1898-2/2/1988 s/w Margie
RICH, Margie 6/27/1917-1/25/1983 s/w Fred
RICH, William Henry 1865-1937 s/w Stella
RICH, Stella Stovall 1872-1939 s/w William
STRICKLAND, Clyde D. 3/10/1893-10/1/1940 s/w Audie
STRICKLAND, Audie P. 10/29/1889-1/3/1974 s/w Clyde
WADE, Medie 10/16/1885-5/7/1974
ORR, Ray 5/21/1904-10/10/1938 s/w Gladys Ellington
ELLINGTON, Gladys Orr 11/12/1906-1/21/1970 s/w Ray Orr
MCDUFFIE, James Lewin 11/24/1916-5/12/1980 Mason
ORR, Arlen 2/19/1903-5/21/1974 s/w Imogene
ORR, Imogene 7/17/1912-   s/w Arlen
BILLINGSLEY, Marie 2/7/1899-2/8/1942 w/o B.
BILLINGSLEY, B. 7/15/1901-4/2/1984 h/o Marie
LUNSFORD, Sammy 5/23/1955-10/4/1976
LUNSFORD, Ronald David b. & d. 7/28/1947 (behind Sammy)

Row 2 L-R
LUNSFORD, Lonnie S. 8/23/1917-11/4/1944 Texas PFC 415 INF 104 INF DIV WWII
SPARKMAN, Arthur J. 1892-1962 Texas PVT 31 Co 165 Depot Brigade WWI s/w Gladys
SPARKMAN, Gladys H. 1895-1983 s/w Arthur
MCKELVEY, Delmond 1897-1961 s/w Archie
MCKELVEY, Archie B. 1902- s/w Delmond
CREEL, Clyde P. 4/26/1921-2/23/1959 Texas MSGT US Army WWII BSM
JARRELL, Joe N. 12/20/1923-8/13/1953 Texas PFC CO A 182 INF WWII BSM-PH s/e\w Linda
JARRELL, Linda Denmon 1946-1992
JARRELL, W. Wilson 10/1/1917-1/1/1965
JARRELL, W. J. 4/19/1916-1/3/1979 CPL US Army WWII, s/w Minnie
JARREL, Minnie Lee 6/17/1915-1/26/1999 s/w W. J.
JARRELL, Annette 7/1/1937
JARRELL, Frank J. 4/22/1890-8/23/1968 s/w Bonnie
JARRELL, Bonnie B. 5/12/1894-2/10/1953 s/w Frank
SINCLAIR, Margaret Jo 3/7/1935-3/28/1935
JARRELL, Mozelle 7/15/1914-2/3/1930
EVANS, Evelyn Carroll 10/18/1895-12/10/1927
CARROLL, John A. 4/6/1863-12/17/1940 s/w Amanda
CARROLL, Amanda 2/26/1866-5/10/1953 s/w John
MATHIS, Dorothy B. 10/6/1923-11/15/1927

Row 3 R-L
ARMSTRONG, Elzie Doyle 12/14/1920-3/7/1994 TEC4 US Army WWII s/o Ruben & Neeley
ORR, Charles I. 1923-1924
ORR, F. Spencer 1888-1947 s/w Annie
ORR, Annie L. 1892-1978 s/w F. Spencer
HAYS, Gordon Hardy 3/16/1917-8/12/1928
HAYS, Carol Yvonne 12/20/1928-9/13/1936
HAYS, Kate A. 6/3/1884-9/11/1944
HAYS, W. H. H. Jr. 11/22/1869-4/19/1942
ORR, Beulah 10/5/1897-12/16/1982 w/o Sam
ORR, Sam 2/21/1897-11/17/1928 h/o Beulah
GREEN, Sam Leslie 1/24/1947-1/11/1998
TIPPS, Pearl 1890-1977 s/w Jake
TIPPS, Jake 1885-1934 s/w Pearl
FITZGERALD, Forrest 1910-1980 s/w Evelyn
FITZGERALD, Evelyn 1911-  s/w Forrest
TAYLOR, Charlie W. 8/21/1853-11/11/1935
ARNOLD, Jake no dates
BALLENGER, Fay Arnold 9/22/1908-4/19/1982
BALLENGER, Bob 1/7/1890-3/28/1973 Bryan F.H.
LAWLER, Gertrude 1/29/1902-5/10/1975
LAWLER, Margaret 8/18/1881-9/16/1936
LAWLER, Frank H. 7/22/1854-4/30/1941 s/w Mixon
LAWLER, Mixon 2/2/1860-1/22/1940 s/w Frank
LAWLER, James Fred 10/30/1888-12/12/1974 Mason s/w Nora
LAWLER, Nora Lee 2/16/1891-4/4/1984 s/w James
BEERS, Odie Mae 1/17/1916-5/7/1945
CREEL, Marvin I. 2/2/1886-9/23/1967 s/w Monnie
CREEL, Monnie S. 4/3/1892-2/25/1976 s/w Marvin
CREEL, Leo Marvin 2/20/1914-11/12/1989 CPL US Army Air Corps WWII
LUNDSFORD, Lonnie E. 9/24/1948
LUNDSFORD, W. D. 11/24/1919-11/24/1989 s/w Lorene
LUNDSFORD, Lorene 9/30/1929-   s/w W. D.

Row 4 L-R
COCHRAN, William theo 10/12/1905-6/6/1988 s/w Mary
COCHRAN, Mary Lou 5/17/1914-  s/w William
KYLE Dorris J. 11/11/1905-11/12/1975
KYLE, Emma L. 10/8/1903-10/23/1990
COCHRAN, W. M. 4/13/1876-11/6/1947
COCHRAN, Lula 1877-1934
GREEN, Nettie Mae Armstrong 3/16/1923-6/20/1985 d/o Ruben & Neeley
ARMSTRONG, Benjamin Franklin 1857-1941 s/o Solomon
KELLY, Leon 12/12/1922-7/6/1949 s/o Rachel
KELLY, Rachel Armstrong 9/9/1903-8/9/1931 d/o Benjamin & Effie
KELLY, Ead L. 5/30/1872-2/16/1941
GIBENS, George E. 1/20/1851-2/22/1926
ARMSTRONG, Ruben 7/13/1895-6/24/1969 s/o Benjamin & Effie s/w Neeley
ARMSTRONG, Neeley Neona Mills 8/30/1896-6/15/1983 m. 6/2/1916 d/o Ira & Emma s/w Ruben

Row 5 R-L
ARMSTRONG, Johnnie 6/20/1916-11/29/1979 PVT US Army WWII s/o Benjamin & Effie
ST JOHN, Austin H. 4/1/1875-6/4/1950 s/w Mary
ST JOHN, Mary A. 10/7/1877-8/23/1970 s/w Austin
BAREFIELD, Elmer 1/20/1879/11/22/1969
BAREFIELD, Nancy Julia 12/23/1854-10/5/1941
BAREFIELD, F. D. 9/13/1855-1/11/1928
BAREFIELD, Clyde R. 5/17/1911-10/4/1938
TAYLOR, Robert L. "Bob" 4/6/1912-2/7/1985 PFC US Air Force
TAYLOR, William C. Jr. 1931-1932
TAYLOR, William Crawford 5/12/1903-6/9/1953 m. 11/29/1922 s/w Allie
TAYLOR, Allie Grace Kyle 8/26/1903-6/23/1992 s/w William
TAYLOR, Jennie 10/10/1873-1/16/1662
TAYLOR, Daniel Newton 1871-1954
KYLE, Lynn 8/6/1932-7/13/1934
KYLE, Ray E. 2/22/1909-8/18/1984 PFC US Army WWII, s/w Polly
KYLE, Polly 4/18/1919-  s/w Ray
HARRIS, J. R. "Dick" 1894-1961 s/w Clara
HARRIS, Clara (Hays) 1896-1985 s/w J. R.
HARVELL, Jessie M. 4/3/1909-1/27/1989
CARROLL, Infant Daughter 6/21/1961
GRIFFIN, L. Cecil 7/18/1911-1/15/1995 m. 4/5/1930 s/w Susie
GRIFFIN, Susie J. 7/28/1911-3/13/1996 s/w L. Cecil
CALDWELL, Bessie Chapman 4/28/1911-2/18/1990
CHAPMAN, Diamond 4/13/1913-2/13/1940
CHAPMAN, Epsie 10/5/1880-9/6/1969
HARRIS, Joel A. 1904-1961 s/w Lois
HARRIS, Lois Hays 1903-1986 s/w Joel
TIPPS, Russell 12/26/1905-4/30/1968 s/w Elva
TIPPS, Elva Harris 11/8/1907-2/14/1989 s/w Russell
WOOLEY, Joel Robert 3/10/1886-12/22/1975 s/w Mary
WOOLEY, Mary Elizabeth 11/30/191-6/14/1974 s/w Joel
FAIRCLOTH, Robert E. 2/25/1911- m. 6/9/1934 s/w Opal
FAIRCLOTH, Opal A. 2/20/1915-8/21/1980 s/w Robert
HAND, James T. 8/22/1916-10/26/1998 s/w Alma
HAND, Alma B. 7/20/1919-   s/w James
HOLT, Lonnie Ray 6/8/1942-10/21/1994 Bryan F. H.
ELLIOTT, Dorothy A. Holt 4/25/1935-11/6/1988
HOLT, Johnny R. 10/21/1944-8/15/1965

Row 6 L-R
SMITH, Gene 11/7/1932-4/16/1964 m. 7/21/1955 s/w Opal
SMITH, Opal 9/27/1930- s/w Gene
HAYS, Carroll H. 2/7/1905-7/25/1971 s/w Ruby
HAYS, Ruby M. 3/26/1906-   s/w Carroll
WILLIAMS, Henrietta 11/23/1901-7/16/1991 s/w J. Harvey
WILLIAMS, J. Harvey 3/16/1899-1/15/1957 s/w Henrietta
WILLIAMS, James 1/19/1922-3/16/1944 2nd LT 700 AAF Bomb SQ WWII
JONES, Launa O. 8/13/1910-2/19/1990 s/w Elgin
JONES, Elgin Moreland 8/24/1913-5/25/1997 SGT US Army WWII Korea s/w Launa
JONES, Homer C. 8/7/1886-5/10/1943 s/w Lillias
JONES, Lillias Gandy 12/23/1896-6/27/1983 s/w Homer
WHITE, William B. 10/7/1862-8/30/1945 s/w Betty P.
WHITE, Betty P. 10/5/1865-10/26/1938 s/w William
JORDEN, Lynn Watson 4/10/1944-1/13/1974 s/w Charles, Frances, and Cheryl Watson
WATSON, Charles J. 1/9/1923-7/14/1981 Mason US Navy WWII s/w Frances and Cheryl Watson, Lynn Jorden
WATSON, Frances Lynn 2/12/1923-  s/w Charles and Cheryl Watson, Lynn Jorden
WATSON, Cheryl Kay 7/15/1949-4/22/1969 s/w Charles and Frances Watson, Lynn Jorden
CARROLL, John Homer 1901-1936 s/w Susie
CARROLL, Susie B. 1903-1993
CARROLL, Billy M. 9/8/1924-1/14/1986 PFC US Army WWII s/w Carolyn
CARROLL, Carolyn J. 9/19/1943-  s/w Billy
SINCLAIR, Lucy Elizabeth 1921-1936
SINCLAIR, Lula Kate 4/18/1893-7/16/1973 s/w Joseph
SINCLAIR, Joseph J. 10/21/1884-4/18/1974 (m. 2 times Myrtle L. Barton 5/23/1904 & Lula K. Evans Wel
SINCLAIR, Joe Everett 9/18/1916-9/5/1991
BARTON, J. A. 1884-19963 s/w Etta
BARTON, Etta 1885-1963 s/w J. A.
BARTON, Arthur A. 1873-1947
BARTON, Lillie McCarter 12/12/1873-9/24/1925
JOHNSON, James "Johnny" 10/2/1925-5/19/1994 S1 US Navy WWII s/w Irene
JOHNSON, Irene Armstrong 1/11/1926-8/29/1996 d/o Ruben & Neeley s/w James

Row 7 L-R
WHITE, J. A. 1870-1951 s/w Lizzie
WHITE, Lizzie 1872-1958 s/w J. A.
BARRY, Homer O. 12/17/1885-2/23/1957
BARRY, Edna A. 11/26/1898-6/16/1962
BARRY, Sidney M. 2/5/1860-8/10/1937
BARRY, Susie Hodges 3/7/1860-7/17/1945
BARRY, G. Bryan 7/18/1897-5/14/1973
HAYS, Narcy Nell 3/7/1931-4/28/1932
BLANTON, Leonard A. 1900-1978 s/w Opal
BLANTON, Opal V. 1906-1987 s.w Leonard
BARRY, Thomas J. 1857-1942 s/w Susie
BARRY, Susie M. 1848-1926 s/w Thomas
HODGES, Lillie P. 1885-1973 s/w William
HODGES, William G. 1882-1955 s/w Lillie

Row 8 R-L
HUGHES, Myrtle 5/13/1908-
HUGHES, Steve 9/9/1890-12/3/1967
HUGHES, James M. 2/3/1862-12/21/1940 s/w Bennie
HUGHES, Bennie Lenor 9/10/1861-2/22/1932 s/w James
MARTIN, Gertrude 3/12/1900-2/18/1972 s/w Lloyd
MARTIN, Lloyd E. 3/3/1894-8/28/1931 s/w Gertrude
MARTIN, John A. 1911-1942
MARTIN, Frank Manor 9/22/1899-5/30/1951 s/w Annie
MARTIN, Annie cleone Barry 11/7/1902-6/8/1978 s/w Frank
HARRIS, Seabe 8/26/1881-7/13/1932 s/w Annie
HARRIS, Annie Mae 10/16/1881-11/22/1966 s/w Seabe
HARRIS, Uncle John
HARRIS, Rachel 4/11/1858-3/14/1939
BARRY, John E. 1858-1945
BARNWELL, Ruby Britt 1/8/1902-3/19/1938
BRITT, Arthula I. 10/10/1866-3/3/1949
UNKNOWN Levingston Funeral Home, Grove, Texas
GROUNDS, William Andrew 6/7/1873-12/6/1946 s/w Ticia
GROUNDS, Ticia 11/18/1867-10/6/1959 s/w William

Row 9 L-R
HOPSON, Lynn E. 1925-1981 PFC US Army WWII
HOPSON, Henry Sylvester 2/3/1906-7/23/1985, s/w Octa Mae
HOPSON, Octa Mae 1/8/1906-3/8/1989, s/w Henry Sylvester
JENKINS, Ben W. 9/7/1893-4/6/1968, Texas SGT BTRY C Field ARTY WWI, s/w Lara A.
JENKINS, Lara A. 3/4/1897-2/23/1983, s/w Ben W.
HOLTZCLAW, Carrie 1865-1939
SINGLETARY, Aurelia G. 1867-1936, w/o Ely
JONES, Thaddeus B. 11/15/1873-2/1/1956, s/w Lillie Odom
JONES, Lillie Odom 7/30/1877-4/11/1957, s/w Thaddeus
MORRIS, Marvin M. 7/21/1899-7/16/1957
MORRIS, Lomas nee Shipp 8/3/1903-12/21/1938
BLACKMON, Heloise McWhorter 2/25/1917-10/20/1967
MCWHORTER, Homer J. 1886-1961, s/w Eula L.
MCWHORTER, Eula L. 1885-1977, s/w Homer J.
NOBLES, Joe 10/13/1892-10/2/1950, Texas PVT 325 INF 82 DIV WWI
BLANTON, Carrol E. 1/26/1934-  , s/w Helen
BLANTON, Helen Grace 9/27/1939-, s/w Carrol E.
HUGHES, Nelba Lee 1918-1937, s/w Nellie M.
HUGHES, Nellie M. 1894-1936, s/w Nelba Lee
SHIPP, Alyne M. 2/29/1899-8/26/1924
WINFREY, Louis S. 3/3/1863-5/1/1946

Row 10 R-L
LESLIE, Albert D. 11/6/1911-3/29/1971 TEXAS PFC 1953 SVC COMD UNIT WWII
HOOKER, Mary Carherine 9/15/1914-3/13/1982
LESLIE, Alice Kay 3/1/1945, s/w Dawson
LESLIE, Dawson Taylor 5/18/1943, s/w Alice
SILVEY, Mary E. 6/21/1927-2/5/1999, s/w Don
SILVEY, Don R. 8/28/1919-4/14/1987 T SGT US Army WWII, s/w Mary
FITZGERALD 4/19/1931-10/17/1992 US Army

Row 11 R-L
BAREFIELD, Maude E. 3/4/1892-4/17/1926
SINGLETARY, Eli 1866-1925
HARDY, Joseph L. 10/17/1909 PVT 11 BN Texas INF CSA
PIRTLE, Laura 12/7/1867-7/3/1933
PIRTLE, E. P. 10/11/1867-5/9/1952
PIRTLE, Luann 8/11/1870-3/31/1929
PIRTLE, Bonnie 8/27/1894-6/15/1924, d/o E. P. & Luann
PIRTLE, Lucile Vallie 3/22/1908-8/31/1915
MAXWELL, Baby Boy 3/14/1922, s/o Mr. & Mrs. O. R. Maxwell
CARROLL, Blanche 12/16/1906-6/30/1919 d/o J. A. & Amanda
GRAY, Betty Draper 1891-1935
DRAPER, T. H. 1887-1918
GILL, Faye Draper 1913-1932
GRAY, N. G. died 1931
MARTIN, Edward Imri 6/8/1891-12/27/1937
MARTIN, L. Josephine 6/26/1912-2/21/1917 d/o E. I. & J. L.
MARTIN, Clemmie 7/13/1871-9/29/1928
MARTIN, William E. 1868-1985
HAYS, Mary 4/8/1864-1/14/1929
OWEN, J. Brooks 1881-1965
OWEN, Daniel J. 1890-1959

Row 12 R-L
OWEN, James M. 1853-1933
OWEN, Sarah Jane 1/850-1925
BARTON, Gus d. 1/11/1909, aged 51 years
WILLIAMS, Alice Bell 12/25/1879-7/26/1973
SHIPP, Martha J. 3/12/1859-1/12/1934, s/w Cashious
SHIPP, Cashious G. 12/11/1855-12/22/1913, m. 1/24/1877, s/w Martha J.
SHIPP, Marshall 12/26/1896-3/20/1918
ORR, W. S. 1849-1914, s/w Mrs. W. S.
ORR, Mrs. W. S. 1860-1939, s/w W. S.
ORR, Bernice 3/21/1890-1/9/1979, s/w Jarrell Griffith
GRIFFITH, Jarrell D. 9/1/1885-9/16/1964, s/w Bernice Orr
HOLLEMAN, Kate S. 1/24/1882
FAGG, James M. 2/28/1864-8/24/1915
LONG, Allve Odom 3/24/1876-10/25/1915 WOTW
ODOM, Emma 7/2/1853-9/8/1929 w/o D. C.
ODOM, D. C. 10/4/1849-8/12/1907, h/o Emma
BURKE, Mattie Maybell 1879-1931
WELCH, Bently 10/30/1886-10/22/1918
MOSS, Felix 6/30/1934 PVT 9 BN GA CAV CSA, h/o Nettie
MOSS, Mrs. Nettie 11/15/1846-8/1/1931, w/o Felix
JONES, Eddie nee Moss adopted 8/25/1976-2/11/1922 d/o Felix & Nettie

Row 13 R-L
ARNOLD, Melvin
AKIN, G. Wesley 5/9/1867-12/15/1943
GOODWIN, Hattie Akin 1885-1915
WILSON, Carrie Dottis 3/14/1901-7/13/1902, d/o L. C. & M. E.
SINCLAIR, Myrtie Leottis 12/21/1887-10/25/1918
PATRICK, Martha J. 3/21/1878-3/13/1948
PATRICK, P. M. 12/7/1881-6/28/1922
BURKS, Marie Dale 4/23/1929-4/26/1929
WILSON, Margaret R. 4/11/1858-9/22/1893, w/o J. A.
WILSON, James A. COC 17 ALA INF CSA, h/o Margaret
LACEY, W. R. 1/2/1827-10/14/1904, s/w Susan R.
LACEY, Susan R. 12/27/1825-5/15/1908, s/w & w/o W. R.
LACEY, Thomas R. 4/29/1851-6/9/1925, s/w Emily A.
LACEY, Emily A. 1/12/1853-7/31/1923, s/w Thomas
SMITH, John M. 1888-1960
BROWN, Mary E. 9/2/1849-2/4/1907 w/o R. P. Smith
SMITH, R. P. 3/18/1833-7/7/1900 h/o Mary Brown
SMITH, Robert Austin 9/24/1869-6/13/1893, s/o R. P. & M. E.
SMITH, William Grady 9/28/1890?-10/26/1890
KELLY, Phena 11/15/1856-1/10/1939

Row 14 L-R
KELLY, K. 10/1847-8/15/1913
ROBERTS, Charles R. 4/8/1878-2/13/1906, s/w Sue Hays
ROBERTS, Sue Hays 10/18/1876-12/3/1953, s/w Charles
HAYS, Sarah L. 7/23/1836-12/5/1910, s/w B. F.
HAYS, B. F. 4/29/1836-4/12/1907, s/w Sarah
HAYS, John M. 8/31/1869-6/9/1902
WHITE, Martha E. 1843-1893, s/w Samuel
WHITE, Samuel 1840-1909, s/w Martha
MCCARTER, Mrs. A. L. 7/24/1845-2/16/1934
HARRIS, Mrs. Nora Jones 6/25/1872-11/4/1950
HARRIS, W. E. 7/13/1869-2/6/1951 WOTW
HARRIS, Minnie Lee Hudson 3/10/1874-5/24/1900
SPARKMAN, William R. 2/3/1922-2/22/1922, s/o A. J. & Gladys
JONES, J. A. C. d. 3/22/1920, age 75, h/o Emily Barker
JONES, Emily Frances Barker 4/22/1852-1/4/1929 w/o J. A. Jones
JONES, Monnie 1/14/1894-3/2/1895, d/o J. A. & E. F.
JONES, Infant Daughter 10/8/1900 d/o T. B. & Lillie
JONES, J. A. Wilkins 8/13/1879-1/19/1949
JONES, Arch R. 8/29/1881-8/3/1902
MCCARTER, Amelia 2/20/1836-3/17/1908 w/o J. C.
MCCARTER, John C. 5/28/1828-11/30/1898, h/o Amelia
DIXON, Mrs. Maude 12/5/1886-3/5/1923 d/o J. M. Owen, MBA/FLP
OWEN, James M. 1/26/1884-7/29/1907, Fraternal Life Insurance Co.
OWEN, Mary Rogers 1815-1890
OWEN, Malcom 1812/1896

Row 15 R-L
WHITE, Infant 12/12/189(9)? c/o J. W. & A. J.
ALEXANDER, Jule C. 4/27/1866-12/20/1941, s/w Opal Phillips
PHILLIPS, Opal 7/17/1870-4/19/1963, s/w Julie Alexander
WOOD, Ella M. 1862-1942
PINKERTON, Glen 1/17/1896-12/??/1899?, STONE BROKEN,  d/o J. R. & N. E.
PINKERTON, J. P. 7/30/1837-6/19/1918, s/w Margaret
PINKERTON, Margaret R. 2/1/1840-2/25/1898, s/w  J. P.
GEORGE, Claude C. 1/12/1882-9/18/1920
REDUS, Eula 8/3/1876-1/26/1905, m/o Worth & Levy, w/o W. R. Jones
GEORGE, Vera May 5/28/1894-6/9/1900, d/o J. C. & E. C.
GEORGE, Emma C. 3/29/1859-10/17/1929, s/w J. C.
GEORGE, J. C. 2/14/1851-1/16/1905, s/w Emma
HAYS, Robert H. 8/10/1874-3/29/1914 WOTW
HAYS, Isabell (Aunt Bell) Crowder 8/9/1841-9/14/1928
HAYS, William C. 4/24/1806-12/20/1893, Historical marker, Battle of San Jacinto
THOMAS, Julia C. 11/1/1872-7/16/1956
HAYS, Mary 10/19/1845-7/28/1918, w/o W. H. H.
HAYS, Eld. W. H. H. b. 1840 in Tenn, came to Rusk Co. 1845, ordained to Ministry 1866, d. 1/28/1906
HAYS, W.H.P. 12/6/1903-3/2/1904
HAYS, Ella Ann 1/13/1878-2/14/1942

Row 16 R-L
DEASON, Sarah M. 1847-1917
ALEXANDER, Franklin 1833-1913, s/w Lucy & H. F.
ALEXANDER, Lucy E. 1832-1899, s/w H. W. & Franklin
ALEXANDER, H. W. 1870-1932, s/w Lucy & Franklin
COMER, Jordan 11/1/1903-10/6/1904, s/o Milas & Minnie Lilles
BANE, Dr. A. D. 1855-4898, s/w Little Georgia, Georgia, Flora & Kitt Starr
BANE, Little Georgia 1904-1906, s/w Dr. A. D., Georgia, Flora & Kitt Starr
BANE, Georgia A. 1847-1902, s/w Dr. A. D., Little Georgia, Flora & Kitt Starr
BANE, Flora 1881-1893, s/w Dr. A. D., Little Georgia, Georgia & Kitt Starr
STARR, Kitt 1872-1890, s/w Dr. A. D., Little Georgia, Georgia, & Flora
RETTIG, Paul 12/20/1896-8/19/1919
RETTIG, R. R. 12/5/1868-3/11/1942, s/w Kate
RETTIG, Kate McKay 6/16/1871-11/26/1959, s/w R. R.
HAYS, Will D. 2/22/1893-2/16/1970, Papa, m. 8/12/1912, s/w Olla
HAYS, Olla M. 12/17/1892-6/19/1994, Mama, s/w Will
GRIFFIN, Emma E. 2/2/1878-10/2/1931
GRIFFIN, Mary 9/6/1846-12/8/1927
GRIFFIN, W. C. 2/2/1842-12/7/1903

Row 17 L-R
RETTIG, Dewie 6/27/1898-7/29/1900, s/o G. G. & C. L.
RETTIG, Guy 11/29/1871-11/29/1960, s/w Lizzie
RETTIG, Lizzie 1/29/1876-11/10/1961, s/w Guy
RETTIG, Flora 9/26/1876-5/22/1973
RETTIG, Paul 8/4/1839-11/13/1920, Father, s/w Martha
RETTIG, Martha 12/29/1843-4/22/1916, Mother, s/w Paul
RETTIG, Bertha 8/20/1886-10/4/1889
RETTIG, Joseph 2/16/1878-10/20/1879 - earliest grave
MCCARTER, Infant 8/16/1897, s/o E. H. & Ellen
MCCARTER, Patty Fay 8/31/1900-6/27/1902
TIPPS, Infant 4/26/1900, s/o Mr. & Mrs. L. K. Tipps
HAYS, Dock 9/25/1902-12/25/1915, s/o J. W. & Georgia
HAYS, J. W. (Bill) 7/9/1861-1/14/1935
SHIPP, Flarence 4/26/1874-8/16/1914, w/o Charles
SHIPP, Charley I. 9/23/1883-3/9/1912
WINFREY, Sarah 8/16/1848-6/21/1895, w/o W. L.
SHIPP, Ronnie Lee 5/26/1907-1/17/1925

Row 18 R-L
PIRTLE, Infant 6/4/1904-6/12/1904, d/o E. P. & L. A.
SHIPP, Jewel Dawson 2/24/1910-12/4/1910, s/o Mr. & Mrs. C. I. Shipp
SHIPP, Nellie 2/9/1905-2/16/1909, d/o Mr. & Mrs. C. I. Shipp
DEASON, Sarah Ann 11/3/1869-11/2/1905, d/o J. H. & M.
DEASON, J. F. ?/22/1868-1/15/1892
DEASON, D. M. 10/24/1865-1/16/1892
ARNOLD, Carrie 1852-1889
ARNOLD, J. T. 7/1/1833-11/5/1889
ARNOLD, Ruby 1/28/1895-3/?/1898, d/o W. D. & Archie
ARNOLD, Vero 6/19/1887-6/2/1889, d/o W. D. & A. L.
ARNOLD, Willie Clyde 7/3/1883-7/18/1884, s/o W. D. & A. L.
ARNOLD, John 4/24/1874-2/10/1892
DAWSON, James B. 7/19/1874-10/19/1894
ARNOLD, Joseph H. d. 11/5/1906, aged 23 years
ARNOLD, Jim 4/24/1874-2/28/1931, Brother
DEASON, Addie 1/29/1884-3/31/1897, d/o C. A. & M. E.
DEASON, Maude 11/9/1893-3/28/1902, d/o C. A. & M. E.
DEASON, Martha F. 11/3/1865-10/18/1902, w/o C. A.
DEASON, Ruth J. 2/10/1881-9/18/1904, d/o C. A. & M. E.
DEASON, Charles A. 8/25/1851-9/24/1915
GAGE, Tom 7/1/1878-3/11/1905
GAGE, Elizabeth 5/22/1855-6/24/1940, Mother
GAGE, Lucy Edna 3/28/1886-8/9/1958, our Beloved Sister & Aunt
EVANS, George Mitchell 7/18/1942-12/29/1995, USN

Row 19
DEASON, Daniel P. 1854-1932, s/w Matilda
DEASON, Matilda A. 1854-1931, s/w Daniel
DEASON, Infant 1/3/1898, d/o D. P. & M. A.
WHITE, Sallie A. 1/12/1868-3/19/1910
WHITE, Mollie 3/13/1882-9/5/1906
WHITE, Thaddeus 4/19/1830-7/26/1914
WHITE, Nancy A. 6/7/1837-4/27/1901
MCCLURE, Donnie 2/8/1890-8/11/1890
MCCLURE, Ruthie 1888/1891
ORR, Bertie 8/18/1892-10/20/1892, d/o W. S. & M. J.
BARTON, Thomas S. 10/5/1879-12/10/1899, s/o R. M. & Mary E.
BARTON, Infant ?/19/1903-?/22/1903, s/o J. A. & Julia
BARTON, Infant 4/20/1907, d/o J. A. & Julia
BARTON, Julia Sinclair 2/22/1887-4/24/1907, w/o J. A.
BARTON, Mary E. 1/28/1848-1/26/1909, w/o R. M.
BARTON, R. M. 7/16/1844-1/26/1920

Row 20 L-R
WHITE, Henry 8/25/1872-1/13/1962, s/w Jessie
WHITE, Jessie 2/26/1879-2/25/1954, s/w Henry
WHITE, Mattie Vera 7/16/1908-12/20/1909, d/o H.T. & Jessie
McCLURE, A. C. 1859/1921, s/w Fannie
McCLURE, Fannie E. 1858-1941
BARTON, Kathleen 3/2/1912-?/6/1916
SINCLAIR, Mary Elizabeth 9/6/1909-3/3/1911, d/o J.J & M.E.
BARTON, Janet 6/18/1910-8/27/1910, s/w Fannie
BARTON, Fannie Jo 7/27/1907-1/11/1909, s/w Janet
ORR, Denever 3/16/1888-9/27/1900, d/o S.A. & Sarah
ORR, Wood 4/29/1891-11/9/1973
ORR, Mrs S. A. 10/8/1852-1/5/1929, s/w S.A.
ORR, S.A. 12/21/1851-7/28/1931, s/w Mrs. S.A.
GROUNDS, Bessie 9/1/1896-6/9/1897

Row 21 L-R
McKAY, Sue d. 1/19/1921, w/o B.N. Welch
BLANTON, Hays Evans 9/7/1912-2/22/1964
EVANS, George E. 11/23/1888-12/7/1956
EVANS, Vera Hays 1/9/1892-3/1/1979
HAYS, James C. 1/14/1866, m. 12/25/1902, s/w Mary
HAYS, Mary Ida 9/30/1875-2/18/1967, s/w James
EVANS, Mattie 2/24/1871-2/15/1940
EVANS, J.W. 3/30/1862-12/14/1929
EVANS, Lucy E. 3/16/1872-5/16/1918
MINNYE, Sally Evans 1879-1940
McDARTER, Infant 8/16/1898-8/22/1898, s/o E.H. & D.T.
WINFREY, Forest 9/13/1905-6/30/1939
WINFREY, W.L. 1852-1926
WINFREY, Alice 1872-1942
WINFREY, Mrs. Sarah Ann 1/13/1826-10/12/1908
WINFREY, Emett E. 3/22/1910-12/15/1995 US Army WWII
ORR, N. 7/7/1879-7/26/1932, s/w Ethel
ORR, Ethel E. 1/10/1878-9/13/1931, s/w N.
ORR, Ethel Gladys 2/24/1900-8/30/1914 d/o N. & E.E.
ORR, Byron 11/8/1905-8/10/1906 s/o N. & E.E.
RENOLD, Aubry 11/13/1905-6/21/1906 s/o M. & L.

PROPES, Bobbie J. 6/24/1929
BARRINGTON, Martin Luther 12/30/1914-1/12/1997 PFC US Army WWII s/w Olive
BARRINGTON, Olive Reed 7/13/1921- s/w Martin
WALEY, W.G. "Slim" 8/9/1920-12/26/1976 s/ Belva
WALEY, Belva McClure 12/26/1913-6/28/1978 s/w W. G.
MCCLURE, Ishmal A. 1/7/1917-4/25/1984 CPL US Army WWII s/w Velma
MCCLURE, Velma K. 4/7/1922-4/30/1995 s/w Ishmal
HAMMER, Joanna McClure 3/13/1943-6/17/1967
MCCLURE, Jess A. 10/6/1890-9/2/1967 s/w Elvie
MCCLURE, Elvie Griffin 2/12/1888-2/14/1972 s/w Jess
VANCE, Gladys Loiu 7/6/1913-
RHEA, John C. 6/25/1926-8/28/1972 Texas CPL Army Air Forces WWII
HUNTER, James William 10/24/1912- s/w Oma
HUNTER, Oma Lee 7/7/1928-7/1/1974 m. 3/22/1946 s/w James
RHEA, Jessie James 8/2/1916-4/26/1986 s/w Georgia
RHEA, Georgia Eugenia Hays 3/28/1924-2/8/1987 s/w Jessie
RHEA, Joe Wood 2/17/1919-4/26/1991
BARENS, Charley 10/1/1902-  s/w Ada
BARENS, Ada 6/20/1910-3/4/1984 s/w Charley
ARMSTRONG, Robert Michael 11/8/1955-4/15/1990 s/o Harold & Carmela
ARMSTRONG, Harold Perkin 10/19/1927-   s/w Bettie
ARMSTRONG, Bettie R. 1/17/1943-  s/w Harold
ARMSTRONG, Ira Franklin "Pete" 2/22/1935-11/23/1997 s/o Ruben & Neeley
BRADY, James G. 11/22/1917-12/4/1996 s/w Bonnie
BRADY, Bonnie L. 10/11/1922-  m. 8/21/1939   s/w James

Row 3
KELLEY, Joseph Jack 5/20/1952-1/5/2000 SKSN US Navy
ARMSTRONG, George A 7/14/1928-   m. 11/19/1973 s/o Ruben & Neeley s/w Vaulta
ARMSTRONG, Vaulta Bell Gardner 6/9/1943- s/w George
ACTHERHOF, Helen F. 4/22/1924-12/26/1992 s/w Calvin
ACTHERHOF, Calvin R. 12/6/1925-9/11/1995 s/w Helen
HAYS, George Bryan 2/27/1941-4/15/1990
MARTIN, Stephen A. 9/9/1906-8/2/1973
MARTIN, Olli Mae 4/23/1912-12/11/1993

Row 4
PANNELL, Doyle E. 3/16/1916-12/25/1989 s/w Alice
PANNELL, Alice B. 8/15/1921/2/19/1976 m. 4/8/1939 s/w Doyle
PANNELL, Maxine 1945-2000
HAMMETT, Euel A. 5/28/1902-1/25/1983 SM1 US Navy
HAMMETT, Jewel L. 3/14/1910-1/21/1991
HAMLET, Leon, E. 1942-1999
HAMLET, Vallie L. 1918-1999
HAMLET, Enoch Floyd 10/19/1913-2/23/1998

Row 5
CREEL, Jewel L. 6/29/1919- s/w Cozette
CREEL, Cozette L. 3/8/1914-5/8/1999 s/w Jewel

Row 6
SPARKS, William O. 7/24/1885-3/28/1953 "Dad"
SPARKS, Willie Mae 1/11/1885-12/23/1969 "Mother"

Row 7
ORR, Merwyn 11/11/1901-3/3/1999 s/w Dora
ORR, Dora Deane Sears (Dorothy) 8/13/1903-2/11/1994 s/w Merwyn
MAXWELL, T. E. 6/29/1929- s/w Janis
MAXWELL, Janis L. 7/10/1931-1/10/1992 s/w T. E.
UMBEL, Dick H. 5/7/1922- s/w Norene
UMBEL, Norene S. 3/4/1919-6/1/1996 s/w Dick
SAVAGE, Jerry Neail 12/10/1955-12/21/1988 SP4 US Army Vietnam s/w Cynthia
SAVAGE, Cynthia J. 7/16/1961-2/22/1986 s/w Jerry
SAVAGE, Jerry W. 3/4/1934-   s/w Maxine
SAVAGE, Maxine V. 6/26/1934-3/8/1977 s/w Jerry
MAXWELL, Oye R. 9/14/1892-11/20/1975 PFC US Army WWI s/w Bertie
MAXWELL, Bertie 8/16/1896-4/14/1983 s/w Oye