Lees Cemetery
aka Lee Shiloh Cemetery

This one is located in Price, 1/2 mile north of FM 13, turn left (west) onto CR 4114. Cemetery is on the right about .2 mile down. This is a large cemetery that rambles around down the road but there are graves on the creek side, too. The sign says it was founded in 1936.

Lat 32 08.583
Lng -094 57.417

There are photos on the Tombstone Photo site for the folks listed below and a catalog in the Archives. There are many graves marked with rocks or illegible or broken stones.

Unknown, Elizabeth
Adams, Daniel
Anderson, Ferris Jordan
Austin, Eliza & Dorothy
Austin, Ollie Lee
Barfield, Arutha Lee cemetery entrance
Barrett, Ella Medford
Biggers, Ruth
Brown, Bishop Holsey
Brown, Daniel & Oma
Brown, Daniel Lewis
Brown, George & Mary
Brown, Jim
Brown, Jimmie L
Brown, Lola A
Brown, Lucy
Brown, Willis H
Caldwell, Bertha Lee
Cook, Finis
Cooper, Clara
Crowel, Bert Medford
Davis, Ruth Ann
Dibbles, Rosie M Thompson
Edward, Johnnie
Edwards, Eunice
Ervin, Ora Lee
Ervin, Sello
Faydos, Albert
Gatson, Floyd Lee
Hart, Abbie Williams
Hogan, Winnie
Jackson, Chester Leon
Jackson, Sharon
Jackson, Zelma Bud
Johnson, Bertha
Johnson, Clarence
Johnson, Edward Charles
Johnson, Ernest & Perfect
Johnson, Ernest F
Johnson, Leotis & Vera
Johnson, Ray & Margie cemetery view
Johnson, Roy M
Jones, Ada L
Jones, Annie
Jones, J C
Jones, John L
Jones, Marvin
Jones, Velma
Jordan, Bonnie
Jordan, El
Jordan, Emma H
Jordan, Jessie M
Jordan, Rosie
Jordan, Sam
Kelly, Joe
Lacy, Gussie M Simmons
Lee, B R
Lee, Beatrice Kelley
Lee, Chancie & Nina
Lee, Clark
Lee, Claudia Mae
Lee, Erastus
Lee, Homer H
Lee, Jameson
Lee, Joseph & Alie cemetery view
Lee, Julia H
Lee, Mary
Lee, Oscar C
Lee, Peter Henry
Lee, R J
Lee, R J
Lee, Raydell J
Lee, Sidney D
Lee, Sidney Denora
Lee, Susan Nolan
Lee, Thomas Fred
Lee, Thomas Fred
Mallard, Earnest
Mcallister, Wilford Cletus
Mcdavis, Elnora Jordan
Mcnelton, Dorothy N
Meadford, James
Means, Clayton L
Means, Clayton L
Means, Mark D
Means, Mark Dewayne
Medford, Addie G
Medford, Annie R
Medford, Fred
Medford, Horace W
Medford, Ida
Medford, James
Medford, James R
Medford, Levon
Medford, Mary Jane
Medford, Norma
Medford, Robert
Medford, W L
Medford, Will W
Medford, Willie E
Morris, Luberta
Murphy, Billie
Murphy, Rawleigh
Nobles, Lewis
Nolan, Adline
Nolan, George W
Okay, Baby
Okray, Billy Ray
Parkinson, Ethel Brown
Pearson, Patricia Jones
Perkins, Fred D
Perkins, James R
Perkins, Linda L
Perkins, Wordna
Polk, Elase
Polk, Jessie
Polk, Myrlene
Polk, Pinkney
Polk, Raythel A
Redwine, Jimmy L
Redwine, Pres
Redwine, Shirley J
Redwine, Willie Mae
Reed, Jewel Hogan
Reed, Nelson
Rollins, Aaron
Rollins, Darron
Rollins, Evrate Jackson
Rollins, Izey Dean
Rollins, Reuben
Ross, Florence L Brown
Schuler, Novela
Schuyler, Henry & Malinda
Sibley, Molly
Simmons, Jerry
Simmons, Mary F Oliver
Simon, Jerry
Sims, Alberta
Smith, Ruby Mae
Smith, U V
Stephenson, James
Stephenson, James
Swindell, Hosea
Swindell, Hosea
Thomas, Lillian S
Thomas, Lillian S Simmons
Thompson, Eliza
Thompson, Patricia Ann
Thompson, Wheeler
Trimble, Louisa
Tyiska, Christine Austin
Upshaw, Earl & Ivory
Upshaw, Jimmy
Vanzandt, Vergie Mae
Walker, Barbara L
Ware, William C
Watts, Jessie J
Wright, Billie Jean
Wright, Joe Lewis