Caison - Heath Cemetery

Unfortunately there is no row by row of this cemetery. It has been completely destroyed by vandals and loggers with few stones left unscathed. It is on private property which is gated. I can give directions but I cannot give permission to visit, you must contact the property owner. I first visited this cemetery in 1999 when it was mostly whole. There are two stones at City Hall in Troup that were sent out for repairs and lost. I've seen this cemetery listed as Heath Cem on death records and I've seen it listed both ways - Heath Caison, Caison Heath - but the Caisons were buried here first by 35 years.
Gina Heffernan - May 2005 (catalog below)

There are photos at the Tombstone Photo site.

CAISON, Baby 09/17/1862- 09/17/1862 (Baby 1)
CAISON, Catherine  07/01/1841-09/19/1862 (died two days after Baby 1)
CAISON, Larkin 5/16/1795- 12/22/1863 husband of Sarah E. 68y7m6d
SCOTT, Mary Elminer 08/17/1866- 11/07/1868 (stone broken)
CAISON, William Nathan Dallas 12/26/1866-10/26/1869 Æ 2ys, 10 mos (stone broken) son of W. G. & E. S. Caison
CAISON, James Larkin 10/30/1860- 02/28/1870
CAISON, David 08/23/1873- 08/23/1873 "Little Babe of W. G. and C. S."
CAISON, Mary Elminer Willmoth 02/26/1869-09/26/1874 daughter of W. G. & E. S. Caison
CAISON, Tylee B. 09/27/1874- 09/16/1878 daughter of W. G. & E. S. Caison
CAISON, Unknown 12/24/1879- 01/16/1880 son of W. G. & E. S. Caison
CAISON, W. G.  11/02/1839- 03/14/1881
SYLVESTER, Nicy Ann 1839- 1884 (double stone with E. McCall) [maiden name Kennedy, sister to Sabra (Kennedy) Kennedy]
HEATH, T. J. 11/7/1817- 6/6/1889
CAISON, Elmina 12/09/1847- 04/30/1894 47 yrs, 4 mos, 21 days
HUNT, Lucinda E. 10/2/1844- 7/18/1896   W/O J.C. Hunt (stone shattered, cousin to Larkin Caison)
MCMILLIEN, J. L. 04/10/1868- 07/09/1897
HEATH, R. F. 04/15/1856- 05/29/1900 married 12/18/1878
SYLVESTER, E. McCall 1825- 1901 (double stone with Nicy Ann) Mason Symbol
HEATH, Infant 01/20/1910- 01/20/1910 daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T. P. Heath
RAMEY, Infant 02/13/1912- 02/13/1912  Son of J.M. & M.M.
RAMEY, Mary M. 04/25/1876- 02/28/1912  W/O J.M. Ramey (died 15 days after infant)
HEATH, Burrell W. 12/20/1841- 03/03/1917
HEATH, Henry O. 12/23/1886- 07/11/1918  Woodsmen of the World
MCMILLEN, Mary A. 06/08/1847- 09/15/1918  [Mary Ann - d/o T J & Mary (Caison) Heath]
CONNER, Mattie E. 06/10/1864- 07/28/1939 [Mattie Elizabeth - d/o T J & Patsy (Caison) Heath, w/o A D Conner of Troup]
RAMEY, John M. 1864- 1948 Mason Symbol [05/30/1864-11/28/1948, son of John and Elizabeth (McMillan) Ramey, lived in Jacksonville]
There are also two foot stones with initials only:
L. B. C. (could be Larkin Caison)
T. M. S.