Gage Cemetery

From Laneville, take Hwy 225 north about 1.5 miles and turn right (east) onto CR 436. Then right (south) onto CR 437. Go about 1.1 miles and the cemetery is on the left.

Lat 31.9984996
Lng 94.7810467

There are photos of these graves at the Tombstone Photo page.

Allen, Armon & Doris
Allen, Infant
Allen, Jerry & Alice
Allen, Verdie
Allen, Verdie
Barker, Amos & Levi
Barker, Amos Edwin
Barker, Earl E
Barker, Earl E
Barker, Rube & Della
Barker, W A
Barker, Willie Amos
Day, Bill
Day, Rosetta Repp
Foster, Nancy J Howell
Gage, Beulah Evelyn
Gage, Brady & Trudie
Gage, Brady & Trudie
Gage, Brady & Trudie
Gage, C Arthur
Gage, C D
Gage, C R & Elizabeth
Gage, Charles Arthur
Gage, Columbus Grady
Gage, Columbus Mills
Gage, Columbus R
Gage, Edna E
Gage, Edward & Priscilla
Gage, Edward Gene
Gage, Elnora & Infant
Gage, Emma & Infant
Gage, Grady & Jossie
Gage, Jerry Brady
Hinson, Barna
Long, Albert
Long, Allen
Long, Marion
Long, Quint & Joe
Luther, Evelyn
McWhorter, Infant
McWhorter, Paul & Susan
Perron, Bernice McWhorter
Repp, Charlie & Lottie
Repp, Jack Wesley
Repp, Jimmy Earl
Repp, Jimmy Earl
Shipp, Charlie & Loma
Shipp, Mary Glessner
Swinney, Boy
Swinney, Boy
Watts, Baby Sister
Watts, Charlie & Evia
Watts, Charlie C
Watts, Clara & Infant
Watts, John W
Watts, Matilda
Watts, Walter & Ada
Watts, Walter W