Brown Family Cemetery

This small family plot is located just north of Henderson on the Old Kilgore Highway just north of the railroad track near Brown Pond.

There are photos at the Tombstone Photo page.

From the web site:
"One of these early plantation owners was Taylor Brown Sr., who came from Alabama in 1839 to take advantage of an offer from the Republic of Texas to people willing to move their families to Texas. He was searching for a piece of property that could be made into a self-sustaining plantation.

"Brown settled on a piece of property located on the old Henderson-to-Tyler highway. On this property he constructed Brown's Lake and installed an overshot waterwheel that powered a pottery plant, grist and wheat mill, cotton gin and cabinet factory.

"The millrace is still visible on the property and clay from the pit was used in this century by Henderson Clay Products Company (now Boral Brick)."

The graves of Taylor Brown, Annie (Melton) Brown, their son and the footstones. Taylor's father, David, is supposed to be buried there too according to the history book. All the graves are inside a wrought iron fence with BROWN on the gate. The property is near (north I think) of Brown Lake and near the rail road tracks. These were the clues we used to find the graves. The owner of the property had to let us into the locked gates.

The dates for
Taylor Brown 1800-1883
David Brown 1757-1851
Annie Melton Brown 1807-1850
Thomas J. Brown 1845-1852
John F. Brown 1840-1870

One daughter, Elizabeth Ann Brown married William Logue McMurray (tombstone in Old City Cemetery) and later Dr. Wm. H. Wilson. Another daughter Flora A. Brown married Nathan Green Bagley. I think they may also be buried in Old City Cemetery.
Janet McMurray

cemetery view