John Ratcliff Watkins

By: G-G-G-Grandson Judson Watkins

   John R. Watkins was born in Alabama to the family of John F. Watkins and Sarah Ratcliff. He was the ninth child born. As his youth progressed he moved to New Salem, Rusk County, Texas, with his father only for his mother passed away in Alabama. In 1859 John Fletcher Watkins passed from this life leaving three under-aged children. These children John R., Christopher and Sarah lived with their older brother William F. Watkins until their 18th birthdays. When the 7th Calvary recruited in Rusk County, John R. Watkins signed up and fought for the Confederacy.
   Shortly after the war John R. married Mary F. Forman. They had together three children; Mattie, John Lee, and William J. (William J. is believed to have died shortly after birth.) 
   John Ratcliff Watkins Died in 1877. The most likely cause of death is disease. He is buried at Cool Springs Cemetery beside an infant whose history is unknown, M. E. Watkins.

John Ratcliff Watkins
Age: 37 yr.

Military Record:
Birth Date & Place: Rusk Co, TX 1860 Federal Census.