Lonie Warren Hedge

By: Cameron-Ashley Heath

     Lonie Serene Warren, one of eight children born to Uriah G. ‘Duncan’ Warren and his wife Catherine ‘Kit’ Thompson, was born on 21 May 1891 in a home situated within sight of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, of the Oakland Community, about 3 miles east of Henderson. Her family had moved by train from Heard County, Georgia to Rusk County, TX in the late 1880’s. Lonie Warren attended the Jacobs School in the Jacobs Community through the eighth grade. Uriah and Kit Warren allowed Lonie to live with her brother Lonnie Warren in Henderson in order to continue her education and she attended Henderson High School. Her brother Lonnie was an early commercial photographer in Rusk county and had a studio in town. Lonie Serene Warren did well in her studies, excelling in math, particularly interested in algebra. However, after one year the family needed her back home to help with the household and the care of her mildly retarded sister Eula Bea Warren. As a teenager, Lonie Serene dreamed of becoming a nurse, but her parents found the idea completely abhorrant and gave her a blunt refusal to nursing as a career. It was not until she was about twenty that she was allowed to leave the family home again and seek employment in town. She worked for ten years at the Mayfield-Alford Company, in the beginning for no pay but apprenticeship for the experience and training, and later as clerk, cashier, bookkeeper. One of her duties was to present and collect bills, which Lonie did by foot all over Henderson.
     In 1922 at the age of 31, she married Cullie C. Hedge who lived in the Oak Hill Community. This was a second marriage for Cullie and he had eight children from his first marriage to Mary E. Bennett in 1899. (Tullie Hugh Hedge 1901, William ‘Prentiss’ Hedge 1902, Raymond Harvey Hedge 1904, Garland Hunter Hedge 1906, Ellen Cleo Hedge 1908, Myrtle Pauline Hedge 1910, Gertrude Vero Hedge 1912, Betty May Hedge 1916. Mary Ellen Hedge, a 9th child died in 1921.) Lonie and Cullie went on to have two children together: Katherine Beall Hedge 1923 and Cullie H. Hedge, Jr. in 1931.) In 1931 the family moved from the farm into Henderson where she resided for over forty years. Lonie (Warren) Hedge was a member of the First United Methodist Church, active in the Cain-Goens Sunday school class. She also held a life membership in the Memorial Hospital, serving as a Gray Lady through the Henderson Memorial Hospital Red Cross Auxiliary. Lonie Serene (Warren) Hedge passed away on 4 June 1979 and is buried in the New Prospect Cemetery near Henderson and Tatum, Texas.
The children of these two unions:
Tullie Hugh Hedge married Imajean Finley
William ‘Prentiss’ Hedge married Carrie Mae Carruthers (Henderson, Texas)
Raymond Harvey Hedge married Virginia Mims (Tyler, Texas)
Garland Hunter Hedge married Elsie Mae Strong
Ellen Cleo Hedge married Gibson-Carter-Sammons (Henderson, Texas)
Myrtle Pauline Hedge married Rogers Blanton Hale
Gertrude Vero Hedge married R.J. Gray (Beaumont, Texas)
Betty May Hedge married Earl Gibson, Melvin Wilson (Shreveport, Louisiana)
Katherine Beall Hedge married Robert Sneed (Henderson, Texas)
Cullie H. Hedge, Jr. married Ann Wyatt (Houston, Texas)